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March 2020


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  • South Africa in Lockdown ... Time to Reflect!

Lockdown Directives & Notices 
  • Bars
  • Beaches & Public Pools
  • Borders of South Africa
  • Businesses
  • Cigarettes
  • CIPC Registrar of Companies
  • Churches
  • Dog Walking
  • Food Delivery Services
  • Funerals
  • Gyms
  • Home Affairs Department
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • ID Books & Smart Cards
  • Jogging
  • Movies
  • Parks
  • Passports
  • Public Transport & e-Hailing Services
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Shops
  • SPAZA Shops
  • Sport Venues
  • Tourists & Tourist Accommodation
  • Visa
  • Visa Facilitation Centres (VfS)

21 DAYS of National Lockdown

Can Measures be Blessing in Disguise?


Retail Chains taking Advantage of Shoppers by Overpricing
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COVID-19 National Lockdown

South Africa in Lockdown ... Time to Reflect!?

Dear readers, who would have thought that the 51st edition of the eBRIEF would come so soon, but so much has happened in the last few weeks, we thought we shed some light on the recent developments and guide you through some legal, fiscal and social implications of South Africa’s Lockdown 2020.
South Africa recorded the first four Corona Cases been successfully treated and released, while the number of infected has risen to over 1 100, but with only one casualty so far. The press overseas expressed its uncalled envy and tactless hunger for sensationalism when reporting that South Africa is now Epicentre of the Coronavirus. Really Germany? You have nothing better to publish than this fake nonsense? We pity you!
Test Tube DoctorThe web, its Blogs, YouTube and all social media are full of opinions about the current situation and about COVID-19 as such. The number of experts expressing their concerns about over-indulging a virus that is actually not as harmful as presented and blaming its Über-Presence on modern Test Kits that detect more influenza cases than previously as well as the almighty Mafia of Pharma Concerns and Multinational Economic Giants for generating more money than ever in the crisis and cleaning the ranks of smaller competitors by wiping out their livelihood. One cannot say anymore, what is true and what is false, but one thing is for sure: the world will never be the same, the economies of the world will face their darkest hours and the small and medium enterprises – especially in South Africa – are facing the ultimate doomsday scenario with only one almost Shakespearean Question: To Fold, or not to fold …. This is the Question!
For 21 days (if not extended) the South African Nation is sobering up as there will be no access to booze or cigarettes, there will be no social direct contact, no Public Transport and no Food Deliveries. Limited use of Uber and Taxis is on the cards to do your essential shopping, which has to be kept to a minimum of time spent. Essential Government Departments are running but all other Departments will be closed.
This eBRIEF is designed to give you an overview what is happening in those 21 days based on the insane flood of Directives and Notices issued, a jungle, which we attempted to clear up and sort for you to understand what is expected and what is possible or impossible.
Make the best of this time, we are here for you – remotely with clipped wings!

Ralph M Ertner
Ralph M Ertner
Into SA

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eNEWS South Africa

Sifting through Directives and Notices

Empty StreetsAll Lockdown Rules, Regulations and Notices are based on the President’s Address of the Nation on the Coronavirus on 23 March 2020. The best way to draw a picture of all one can or cannot do and what is open and what is closed is to sort by Alphabetical Keywords what has been said, governed or ruled for the Lockdown Period.

Lockdown in this context shall mean:

Every person is confined to his or her place of residence, unless strictly for the purpose of performing an Essential Service (Annexure B.B COGTA Notice) or Critical Service (List of Critical Services), obtaining an Essential Good (Annexure B.A COGTA Notice) or service, collecting a social grant, or seeking emergency, lifesaving, or chronic medical attention.
Movement means entering or leaving a place of residence or, in the case of people nor ordinarily resident in the Republic, their place of temporary residence while in the Republic.
The lockdown will commence from 00h00 on Friday 27 March and is expected to last for 21 days until 16 April 2020, 23h59.

Here are the most pertinent topics addressed by the Government for the time period of the National Lockdown as well as the links to the original documents, which have been uploaded to our Into SA Server and can be downloaded, of course free of charge:

Airports & Airlines

Empty PlanesAll local flights have been suspended and all international flights to and from Lanseria. SAA has cancelled all international flights until 31 May 2020. There is a variety of airlines internationally, which have terminated all their flights, such as popular Emirates Airlines, but some airlines are still flying, often with empty seats. There will be no flights leaving OR Tambo during the Lockdown.

Tourists that will not make it out of the country by that time will have to spend the next 21 days at their original accommodation.


-> see "Shops" 

Beaches and Public Pools
All Beaches and Public Pools will be closed to the public.

S11B(4), Annexure D(c)(i) COGTA Notice
Borders of South Africa
All borders will be closed except for fuel and transport of Essential Goods.
Every business – unless involved in manufacturing. Supply or provision of Essential Goods or Services.
All places or premises normally open to the public for religious activities and worship will be closed independent on the faith prevailing at that place.

S11B(4), Annexure D(a) COGTA Notice


Although it is difficult to see the reasoning behind this ban, neither cigarettes nor any tobacco, e-cigarette or tobacco burners and refills will be for sale.

CIPC Registrar of Companies

Not even the electronic portal will be available during the first week but is anticipated to reopen on 1 April 2020 with a set of so far undetermined limited electronic services.

Notice No.16 of the CIPC Commissioner

Dog Walking
Opposed to what Minister Mkhize stated earlier tzhis month, residents will not be allowed to walk their dogs.
Food Delivery Services
All Food Delivery Services, be it through the restaurants itself or Delivery Services such as Mr. delivery, Uber Eats etc. are suspended during the Lockdown.

Notice to the Restaurant Industry by the Ministry of Tourism

Funeral AttendanceAttendance to a funeral is limited to 50 people (immediate family only) with all safety measures strictly applying; gatherings before, after tears or night vigils are not allowed. The funeral must be conducted at the bereaved home (not in tent, church, community hall or school) and must be finalised within one hour (including funeral procession). Catering only with take-aways, no sitting allowed.

s11B(8) Government Notice by COGTA
Municipal Notice for Funerals
-> see "Sport Venues" 

Home Affairs Department
Neither the Department of Home Affairs nor any Visa Facilitation Centre will be open due to the restricted travel as well as based the Immigration Directives No.3 and No.7.

Immigration Directive No.3 (Chinese Nationals)
Immigration Directive No.7 (Other Nationals)
Hospitals and Clinics
Patient with MaskAll hospitals and clinics remain open and are not limited to medical assistance with the Coronavirus alone, but for all acute health issues.

Attendance to chronic illnesses and routine check-ups will be limited or not available.
ID Books and Smart Cards
-> see "Home Affairs"

There will be no jogging allowed in public or inside estates.
All theatres and cinemas will be closed and all festivals or gala events have been cancelled.

S11B(4), Annexure D(c)(xiii) COGTA Notice
All Public Parks will be closed to the public.

S11B(4), Annexure D(c)(i) COGTA Notice
-> see "Home Affairs" 

Public Transport & e-Hailing Services
All Public Transport like Taxis, busses and trains will be shut down. Only e-hailing services like Uber, Bolt or Ramzy Rider will be able to operate but limited to the times between 5h00 and 9h00 in the morning and 16h00 to 20h00 in the evening only to buy Essential Goods, for Banking, Medical Care or accessing Essential Services and going to a Funeral. The number of occupants per vehicle has to remain below 50% of its licensed capacity.

All restaurants will be closed with no exception. They will also not be allowed to prepare takeaways or food for delivery.

Notice to the Restaurant Industry by the Ministry of Tourism
All schools are closed since 18 March 2020 and will stay closed until. The mid-term break will be therefore one week shorter in order to partly compensate for the education time lost.  

Shoppers during LockdownAll shops and shopping malls will be closed with the exception of supermarkets, which sell Essential Goods but excludes alcohol, and pharmacies and shop owner needs to ensure that customers are not within less than 1 sqm distance of each other. Shops which used to offer Essential and Non-Essential Goods are restricted to the sale of Essential Goods only, i.e. Woolworth will sell you bread and milk but none of their clothing items.

s11B COGTA Notice

The opening hours vary and may be extended to accommodate the transportation hours of e-hailing services like Uber, while Bars, Shebeens and Liquor stores will be closed. There will be no alcohol to be purchased anywhere during the Lockdown. 
-> see "Shops"

Sports Venues
All sports venues, gyms or facilities to exercise team sports will be closed.

S11B(4), Annexure D(a) COGTA Notice
Tourists and Tourist Accommodation
All foreign tourists, who entered South Africa before or after the commencement of the Lockdown are to remain in the country at their temporary residence until either 14 days have passed or the Lockdown has ended.

s11B(6)(c) COGTA Notice
All hotels, lodges, guest houses, game reserves and holiday resorts are closed to the public and will be only kept operational as far as confined foreign tourists need to be catered for.

s11B(4), Annexure D(c)(vii),(viii) and (ix) COGTA Notice
VisaFor all Visa-related issues please see eINFO on Immigration Directives No. 3 and No.7. All Visa that expire during Lockdown can be extended and no person will be sent back to a country affected by the Coronavirus.
No overstay ban or fine will apply during this time and no Form 20 has to be obtained to submit an application after the end of the Lockdown. A Blanket Waiver in this regard applies and has to be invoked in writing only.

eINFO COVID-19 Immigration Directives
VfS – Visa Facilitation Centres

VfS Notice


21 Days of National Lockdown
... a Blessing in Disguise?

21 DAYS of national lockdown, stuck at home with the family, bare of any live contacts and limited to social media and Netflix? That seems bad … or maybe not that bad?
YES, a lot of yachts and commercial vessels have been locked down in their harbours….
BUT for the first time in decades dolphins could be seen in various harbours and shoals of fish are swimming through the canals in Venice!
YES, we feel locked up in our homes ….
BUT when was the last time you played board games with your family, sang together and experienced true togetherness?
YES, the grounding of the airplanes and shut down of airports feels like an infringement of one's right to free movement and mean significant obstacles in a lot of jobs …
BUT maybe it is also the time for the earth atmosphere to take a deep breath, to clean up and shine again brightly, showing children a blue sky for the first time in their lives?
YES, the closing of schools and creches is not only inconvenient for most parents, but can also pose a real challenge …
BUT maybe the children see it differently, spend time with their parents, become creative at home and learn from their parents, while they get to really know their children?
YES, our economy will experience damages beyond any previous believe and businesses will be brought to the brink …
BUT we might spend the time in lockdown to reassess our value system and to change priorities, finally recognising that chasing constant growth is an absurd aspect of today’s consumer society and has turned us into puppets, which may now realise how little we actually need?
21 DAYS in isolation to think and maybe start marvelling about the reduced speed of life we experience the benefits nature receives and to watch our children being confronted with long-lost values.
21 DAYS without traffic jams, smog over the cities, stress or deadlines to meet, the rat-race has taken a break and we have time to reflect how we want to re-enter the race after the lockdown.
21 DAYS to form a unique society, free of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Nobody goes or all can go, but after the lockdown we all have the choice to keep this past in mind and to continue together … as one … borderless and without discrimination!?

Townshiop Residents in Surprise


Retail Chains start to take advantage of Shoppers by overpricing Essentials

Despicable Them!An increasing number of complaints related to abuse of dominance, or exploitative practices by retail chains related to the coronavirus crisis are being received and handled between the Competition Commission and the National Consumer Commission, which have established a dedicated team.
Authorities have so far investigated thirty cases of so-called “price gouging”, which means where prices on price-controlled essentials such as hand sanitisers, masks and toilet paper during the coronavirus outbreak had appeared to rise to a degree that was unjustifiable. Those price-controlled essentials are currently:

  • toilet paper
  • hand sanitiser
  • facial masks
  • disinfectants and cleaners
  • surgical gloves
  • surgical masks
  • disinfectant wipes
  • antiseptic liquids
  • all-purpose cleaners
  • baby formula
  • disposable nappies
  • bleach
  • cooking oils
  • wheat flour
  • rice
  • maize meal
  • pasta
  • sugar
  • long-life milk
  • canned and frozen vegetables
  • canned, frozen and fresh meat, chicken or fish
  • bottled water

Eleven certificates have been issued to supermarkets and their despicable actions should be answered with a boycott of these stores, which have been found guilty  of raising prices for:
Spar                                  Silver Lakes, Pretoria              Dettol antiseptic;
                                         Plattekloof, Cape Town          Hand sanitiser;
North Safety                     Cape Town                              Hand sanitiser;
Checkers Hyper                Kempton Park, Joburg            Toilet Paper; Flour;
Makro                                 Durban, KZN                           Toilet paper;
National Overalls              Gauteng                                    Face masks;
Bloemfontein Pharmacy     Free State                              Gloves;
Mopane Pharmacy            Mpumalanga                         Face masks;
Seaside Pharmacy           Table View                                Face masks;
Pick 'n Pay                        Milnerton, Cape Town            Hand sanitiser. 
Eight additional certificates were issued on Wednesday, but had not yet been confirmed by the receivers. These were four in Gauteng, one in KwaZulu-Natal, two in the North West Province and one in Limpopo.
We must applaud the "swift action" that has been taken against culprits found guilty of such actions.

Into SA South Africa
Into SA and the Virus
Keeping the Distance

Home OfficeDue to the aggressive nature of the Coronavirus, Into SA will not hold any workshops and not conduct any Roadshows in the near future.

During the national lockdown between 27 March and 16 April meetings will take place only via Skype, Web (Zoom) or WhatsApp.

Regular office opening hours have been suspended during lockdown and a skeleton staff will be available via their home offices.

The same applies for our subsidiaries except for WorldCart Online Mall, which will now double its efforts to fill certain supply gaps via online orders.

We thank all for their understanding and wish all our friends, clients, business partners and their families to try and enjoy the period of the lockdown and to look forward to a changed world after COVID-19!

Ralph M Ertner
Ralph M Ertner
Into SA

Into SA 3D Intro Trailer

Into SA Travel
Travelling to ... ?
... nowhere during Lockdown!

Die to the national lockdown there will be no travels to any destination until 17 April 2020.

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Election Calendar 2020
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Burkina Faso President & National Assembly Nov-20
Burundi President 20-May-20
  Due National Assembly, Local, Collines Senate (indirect) 07-Jun-20
Cameroon National Assembly, Senate & local 09-Feb-20
Central African Republic President 27-Dec-20
Chad National Assembly & local Feb-20
Comoros Parliamentary 19-Jan-20
Ethiopia House of People's Representatives, Regional State Councils & local May-20
  House of the Federation (indirect, by Regional State Councils) 2020
Gabon Senate  Late 2020
Ghana President & National Assembly 07-Dec-20
Guinea National Assembly 16-Feb-20
  President 2020
Ivory Coast President 31-Oct-20
Mali National Assembly  May 2020
Namibia Regional Councils & Local Nov-20
  National Council (indirect by Regional Councils) 2020
Niger Local 01-Nov-20
  President & National Assembly 27-Dec-20
Tanzania President, National Assembly, Zanzibar House of Representatives & Zanzibar President & Local 04-Oct-20
Senegal Local  Late 2020
Somalia House of the People Dec-20
Somaliland  House of Representatives & Senate 2020
Seychelles President Dec-20
Sudan Presidential & National Assembly Feb-20
Togo President 22-Feb-20

Election Dates are all subject to Change!
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Con sede en Gauteng, Sudáfrica, INTO SA es la empresa líder de servicios de asesoría jurídica para en dades jurídicas extranjeras con sucursales en Sudáfrica, Alemania, Corea del Sur, Nueva Zelanda y Emiratos Árabes Unidos. Desde 1995, INTO SA ha proporcionado asistencia multé sectorial y consejos prácticos integrales y completos para las empresas internacionales y sus actividades en África Subsahariana. La eficacia, honradez y transparencia acompañan nuestra experiencia internacional de casi dos décadas en África.

Los clientes corpóreos, así como los privados extranjeros reciben apoyo profesional para alcanzar susto objetivos en África Subsahariana, con la ayuda de un equipo de asesores expertos de Alemania, Angola, Namibia, España, Italia, Portugal y Argentina, así como abogados, economistas y banqueros sudafricanos.

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