PENDULUM 1 & 2 workshop coming up on May 19th.  Sign up for your spot now.  It can change your life!
Eden Revisited will be closed on May 8th.  (It's my birthday).  No meditation or Reiki Exchange that day.

THE PENDULUM Parts 1 & 2 is on May 19th from 9:30a – 5:00p, just $95.00.  This is usually an annual class, so be sure and take advantage of it now.  You’ll program your pendulum and learn how to use it for guidance and healing.  This class can be life changing.  Sign up now as manuals need to be printed.
Looking Ahead!  SHAMAN’S TOUCH I is August 18th and 19th..  This class offers 12 CEUs for LMTs and is being offered for $200.00, a savings of $50.00.   Included in this class are:
  • How Energy Works in the Human Body
  • Drawing Energy to Heal
  • Working with Healing your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit
  • The energy of your Hands
  • Intuitive Energy
  • The Shamanic Blessing
  • The Hopi Back Technique and several techniques for healing the back
  • Communicating with the Body
  • and much, much more.
You will receive certification in Shaman’s Touch™ I and Tera Mai™ Reiki I. 

Here's a prayer I've carried with me for 20 years or more.  Wanted to share it with you.

Dear God,
Please give my life some sense of purpose.
Use me as an instrument of your peace.
Use my talent and abilities to spread Love.
I surrender my job to you.
Help me to remember that my real job is to Love the world back to health.
Thank you very much.

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