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Support group sharing the 9 experiments in E-Squared starts in June

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Weekly – Tuesday noon and 7p
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Reiki Exchange
Monthly – Second Wednesday 7p
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E-Squared Study Group
Weekly – Starting June 5
7p – 8:30p
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Reiki I *
June 17, July 19, Aug 16, Sept 20,
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June 22, Sept 21, Nov 16
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June 28
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Emotional Pull-Outs
July 12
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The Breath *
July 13
1:30p – 3:30p
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Sound Healing *
August 17
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Universal Principles
August 23
10:00a – 4p
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October 18, 19
10:00a – 5:00p, $375.00.
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I'm so excited about our new book club, sharing and supporting each other as we read and do the experiments in E=Squared and see the results in our lives.  This is the first time, but I think it will be 12 weeks and if we love it, who knows how long it will last.  I think everyone should get this book, so buy the book and plan to come share your experiences us.

I tried to include some very important classes in our calendar so you could plan your summer activities.  If you want a specific class, do let me know.  I LOVE sharing what I've learned over the years.

Acceptance is such an important commodity, some have called it "the first law of personal growth."  Acceptance is not a state of passivity or inaction.  I am not saying you can't change the world, right wrongs, or replace evil with good.  Acceptance is, in fact, the first step to successful action.
If you don't fully accept a situation precisely the way it is, you will have difficulty changing it.  Moreover, if you don't fully accept the situation, you will never really know if the situation should be
Acceptance is not approval, consent, permission, authorization, sanction, concurrence, agreement, compliance, sympathy, endorsement, confirmation, support, ratification, assistance, avocation, backing, maintaining, authenticating, reinforcing, cultivating, encouraging, furthering, promoting, aiding, abetting, or even liking what is.  Acceptance is saying, "It is what it is, and what is is what is."  Great philosophers from Gertrude Stein ("A rose is a rose is a rose") to Popeye ("I am what I am") have understood acceptance.
Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.  When I am disturbed, it is because I find some person, place, thing or situation -- some fact of my life unacceptable to me and I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place, thing or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, happens in God's world by mistake; unless I accept life completely on life's terms, I cannot be happy.  I need to concentrate not so much on what needs to be changed in the world as on what needs to be changed in me and in my attitudes.

This month is not only my 75th belly button birthday, but also my 31st AA birthday.  I love the 12 steps and this is something I found years ago and I think it applies to everyone, in a program or not.  Enjoy.
Third Step Decision
God, I’d like to make the decision, with you, that the Third Step calls for.
Take and receive, Oh Lord, all my liberty, take my memory, my understanding, and my entire self-centered self-will.
Whatsoever I have or hold, You have given me.  I give it all back to You and surrender it wholly, totally, completely, unconditionally -- to be put in Your care -- to be governed by Your will.
So take my desire to run things, to dominate people, influence events, manipulate, maneuver, con, turn, twist, arrange, re-arrange, and direct.  Take the “I want what I want, when I want it, the way I want it”.  Take that passion for control, to tell others what, when, where, and how much of everything to do.  Take them all, God, and put them in Your care.
Give me only Your love and Your grace and the ability to accept whatever happens to me.  Let me accept it graciously, as being allowed by You, and I’ll be rich enough and ask for nothing more.

Have a marvelous May and please stay in touch.  Each one of you has touched my life and hopefully have been positively influenced by Eden Revisited.  With much love....
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