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Cancelled until further notice

Reiki I - 2015 *
April 18, May 23, June 13
9:30a - 6p
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Reiki II *
June 14
12:30p – 6p
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Journey for Self Discovery
April 19
1:30p - 4:00p
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The Breath*
May 17
1:30p - 3:30p
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Sound Healing and the New Chakras*
May 24
1:30p - 3:30p
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Tools for Transformation
June 7
1:30p - 3:30p
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* CEUs for LMTs
Unless indicated, all classes take place at 1909 University Blvd., S., #502, Jacksonville, FL  32216
904 721-5977 or
904 396-1113
Happy April.  I won't give energy to the "foolish" things done on the First!  (Did you hear me, Jamie?)  Another month begins.  I've been enjoying sharing about the 12 steps of recovery on Monday nights.  I love when I can share with friends about my journey.  I'm just so full of adrenalin  that I decided to get this newsletter out tonight!  Hope to see you at Meditation and at classes or individual sessions.  Please tell your friends and bring them with you!

The Eternal Teachings
By Christopher Tims
There is an essence,
That binds and sustains and IS all life
This essence, this living presence
Is the Oneness that you are
The Oneness that you are
Shapeless, formless and eternal are you
With no boundary, with no container
You were never born, so you can never die
This is the Oneness that you are
This is the Oneness that you are
With nothing to grow into
With nothing to become
For you are ALL life
YOU are ALL life
There is no separation between you and me
The air we breathe
The sun that shines upon us
Or the earth that we walk on
No separation at all
All life is one.
Always has been, always will be
And this Oneness, that is the air and the earth
This Oneness that is the seasons for the harvest
And the laughter of the children,
This is the Oneness that you are
This is the Oneness that you are.
This can not be taught to you, For this is not to be understood
This can ONLY be experienced, appreciated and realized.
Accept this and be free,
Accept THIS and be free,
Accept this...all this…and be…just be.

What you believe, you become.
Believe in beauty, for the Earth Mother is covered with beauty.
Believe in love, for your Earth Mother and Sky Father love you.
Believe in magic, and you release your soul from the prison your mind tries to build around it.
Above all, don't be afraid.
The Great Spirit provides all that is needed.
Believe in your medicine.
Believe in the work you are doing to become an instrument of the Great Spirit's will.
Believe that you are where you should be.
Believe that your life is progressing to its proper destiny. Believe in beauty, believe in love, believe in magic,
and you will realize …
you are beautiful, loving, and magical.

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