Eden's Messenger, Mid - May 2017
Upcoming Classes

An * following the name of a class indicate CEUs are available for LMTs.
Click here to see how many CEUs are available for each class.

Weekly – Tuesday noon and 7p
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Reiki Exchange
Weekly – Tuesday 5:45p
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Reiki I  *
May 27, June 10, July 9 ***, Aug 19, Sept 18,
9:30a – 6p
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Reiki II  *
June 11, Aug 20, Nov 12
9:30a – 5:00p    ***
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June 24, 10:00a – 5:00p  ***
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Anointing with Oils (Raindrop)  *
August 12 10:00a – 5:00p ***
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Spiritual Counseling
August 26 – 27, 10:00 – 5:00p  ***
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* CEUs for LMTs

***Bring Lunch

Manifesting, Friends, works like compound interest. 
You get back more than you put in.
Let’s make a deposit,
    The Universe
P.S.  Your investments, Friends, are your thoughts, words, and actions – choose each wisely.
I've been studying mindfulness lately and ran across this from Buddhist teachings.  Wanted to share with you...  Mindfulness and Morality!
  •  I will endeavor not to harm sentient beings
  • I will endeavor not to steal
  • I will endeavor not to misuse sexuality
  • I will endeavor not to use false speech
  • I will endeavor not to consume toxins

Affirmations to use as a mantra  Say them and make it so!
I AM Inexhaustible energy!
I AM Irresistible Divine Love!
I AM Indestructible Health!
I AM Inescapable Prosperity!
I AM Invincible Protection!

Speak LIFE
I am Courageous
I am Unstoppable
I am Victorious
I am Love
I am Blessed
I am Gifted
I am Successful
I am Healed
I am Healthy
I am Beautiful
I am Whole
I am Confident
I am Forgiving
I am Grateful
I am Generous
I am Strong
I am Able
I am Powerful
 We have our annual classes coming up ... Spiritual Counseling, Universal Principles, Emotional Healing Techniques, Anointing With Oils, and Miscellaneous Healing Techniques and Shaman's Touch II.  I will be offering a combined (Part I and II) pendulum class soon.  We're busy with lots of exciting opportunities.  Especially the one below!
The IGNITE YOUR LIGHT COALITION and EDEN REVISITED invite you to an INTENSIVE FOR HEALERS for 10 am to 5 pm.  Hope you healers and high spiritual students will sign up.
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