Eden's Messenger, Thanksgiving, 2013
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Last Chance for Reiki Classes this year!

Upcoming Calendar

CEUs for LMTs Click here for details.
There is a MEDITATION/MASTERMIND GATHERING every Tuesday at noon and at 7:00 pm. $5.00. Click here for details.

There is a REIKI EXCHANGE GATHERING on the SECOND Wednesday of every month at 7:00. $5.00. Click here for details.

REIKI I workshop on Saturday, November 16, from 9:30 - 6:00.  8 CEUs for Massage Therapists. Register and pay online!  Click here for details.
REIKI II workshop on Sunday, November 17, from 12:30 - 6:007 CEUs for Massage Therapists. Register and pay online! Click here for details.

We will usher in 2014 with a special ceremony on JANUARY 7TH at noon and at 7:00.  We will find our word for the year, get rid of the things that no longer serve, and set our intentions and vision. 

Please mark your calendars to attend.  And may you have a safe holiday season and a wonderful new year!

Thanks for being in our lives.
Rev. Martha and Rev. Barbara
Unless indicated, all classes take place at 1909 University Blvd., S., #502, Jacksonville, FL  32216
904 721-5977 or
904 396-1113
 Mark your calendars for November 21st, which is the last day Eden Revisited will be open for the year. We'll start 2014 on January 7th with our New Year's special time of setting our intentions for 2014.


Child, where are you?  You came into this world to learn to sing your own special song, and they taught you silence.  You came to learn freedom and the swift joy of running with the wind, and they taught you to huddle in corners and be very still not to disturb the universe.  You came to learn to create and make and do, and they taught you what you did was never good enough.
You came to learn love of self and God and others, and they taught you that love meant pain...that there was always a price and that you were unworthy.  You came to express in your innocence that you were a unique and unrepeatable child and creation of God.  They taught you you were a mistake ‑ flawed ‑ guilty of not meeting their mysterious expectations, and in all the confusion, you slipped away from the clamor and the battle ‑ you ran and hid.
You learned to pretend, to play the game.  You threw up a false self to placate them.  You erected defenses, clever and strong, to protect yourself from further hurt and exposure.  And in your cell of isolation you huddled, convinced that protection from pain was what life was all about.  You bided your time.
But today, a new wind is blowing, a new voice is calling at your door.  You are being summoned to come back into the sunlight where there are no real giants left to frighten you. 
Those who have made the journey before you have scouted the area and tell you "It is safe.
Come out and play.
Come out and love.
Come out and live."
Will you believe them?  Or will you choose to listen instead to the old lies from the ghosts of memory, the bogeyman of a child's nightmares?  Exposed to light, the bad dreams vanish like mist.
Come out, little child, the world needs you.

Author Unknown

"Fear creates an imaginary wall in your life which limits your vision.  That fear is an illusion.  Walk through that wall and behold the beauty that awaits you. Andrew Moss



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