Come and have fun learning to use Sound for Healing.
Mid Month Newsletter

Our energy system has vibrations, sounds and tones that can open, balance, and cleanse the chakras (our energy centers), including the new chakras that are manifesting on earth right now.  In this workshop, you’ll learn all about them!  We’ll use tuning forks, toning, and have lots of fun.  Your chakra system will be fully opened during our workshop.

You’ll also learn practical tools to use in daily life.  Rather than going to outside sources for healing or balancing your energy fields, you can awaken your own Inner Healer and easily change your energy; for example, when you feel out of control, that you are being controlled, or you are afraid to speak your truth.  You’ll learn that you have the ability to change your vibrational level. 

Two Opportunities…Thursday, February 23rd, 2:00 – 4:00p, or Tuesday evening, February 23rd from 7:00 – 9:00p.   $20.00 at Eden Revisited

A reminder that Eden will be closed the week of March 6th.  No Reiki Exchange or Meditation groups that week.

REIKI I will be March 18th and REIKI II on the 19th.  Let me know if you are planning on attending!

A new Book Study is starting Tuesday March 21 at 1:30p.  You can attend the Meditation Group or go to a meeting and have plenty of time to make it to Eden Revisited!  The Book is LIFE 101 and I understand it's just $.99 on Amazon!  More later on this.  Fun, easy and profound.

There will be a TOOLS FOR TRANSFORMATION class on March 30 at 7:00.  $25.00 and it covers everything that dramatically improved my life the last 30 years!   

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