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Great New Software

Photo Collaging: These days photo collages have become so popular. With our brand new software we can put together your favorite photos of your special moments to have for a lifetime. 
Now you can have a unique design to show your family & friends. We can now create any kind of design for you for any occasion. 

Creating Personalized Collages Using your photos

Holiday Templates & More: We can create a photo collage, scrapbook, greeting card, invitation card, poster, and any photo-related artworks that you can imagine for all the memorable occasions such as Baby shower, Wedding, Birthday, Party, Holidays... It is excellent for your own appreciation or sharing with friends.

Various Templates to choose from

Templates for all occasions: 
  • With 100+ various templates to choose.
  • We have templates that enable us to create greeting cards, digital collages, scrapbook, posters, photo album, etc.
  • Our templates are designed for any occasion, Birthday, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Wedding, etc.

Decorate Photo Collage with Embellishments

Provide various background patterns to create good looking collages.

We can Choose frame, masks, clipart from a large selection of special artistic effects to enhance the photo.

Resize, drag and position the clipart to make collage crafting intuitive and fun.

We Add meaningful texts and make your text stand out by applying shadow, adjusting angle and more.



Package Includes: 




All for a very low price of $50

What you are paying for in your price is printer ink, paper and 2day mailing options for your special design package.

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