Collaboration beats competition on life's waterway.
We often meet people who are very competitive. They always want to win at everything. Maybe they want to have the best science fair project or get the highest grade in the class. Some of these people even get angry when they don’t win. When you’re a grownup, you’ll see that there are very few things that you can do alone. For example, at your job you work on a team or in a department that does a project. At home, you live with your spouse and together you work to raise the family well. To have a successful team, a happy family, etc. everyone has to cooperate and work well together. If a grownup is competitive with the others on the team at work, with others in the family, etc., it won’t work. They’ll all lose the race and the boat may even capsize.  So remember: "Collaboration beats competition on life's waterway." Learn to cooperate now when you’re young.  It takes practice.
     -The Godmother
About the boat races: Every year there is Water Festival in Cambodia to celebrate the wet season, to pray that there was enough water to grow good rice, and to mark the time when the Tonle Sap River changes directions.  (Did you know a river can change directions?  During dry season, the Tonle Sap River flows south and drains into the massive Mekong River.  During wet season, the Mekong River gets so big that the Mekong’s waters back up into the smaller Tonle Sap River which then flows the other way—to the north!)  During Water Festival, there is Bon Om Tuck, Cambodian traditional boat races.  These very long (including the longest ever), colorful boats are typically powered by 30 to 40 people.  The people who row them are strong and they are fast; however, the most important thing is that they work well together as a team.  If they don’t, they will be slower and less efficient—their paddles may even collide!
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