It doesn’t make much sense to say, “Let’s go fly a kite!” when it is still outside and there is absolutely no wind. You can run as much as you like pulling the kite behind you on the string but it just won’t go up if there’s absolutely no wind.  Believe me: I’ve tried it. 
Sometimes in life the conditions aren’t right to do something. This is a simple fact that we must accept. Read Ecclesiastes: “There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heavens…” (chapter 3) Sometimes the time is not right and we have to wait. Sometimes we don’t have what it takes yet. Sometimes it involves people or circumstances that we cannot control. Doing the right thing requires both courage and prudence. Getting both requires practice. You may have to try to fly a kite on many windless days to learn this lesson.
     -The Godmother
About wind in Cambodia: Cambodia relies on fossil fuels for energy and shows no sign of backing down despite global efforts to reduce dependence on them. It is also a country of rivers and hydropower dams are now popping up all over the country. In fact, half of the countries in Southeast Asia along with China are fighting over the mighty Mekong River and it gets ugly. But what about wind? Recent good news is that the government and French-owned The Blue Circle (Cambodia) Co Ltd is planning the country's first wind power project in Kampot province. Let's hope they find the answer, my friend, as it's... well, you know the song.
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