IMAGE: Maria and Cambodian girl play make believe
In order to do anything, you must first think and imagine what you might do. Those who built the first airplanes had to first imagine flying and making a machine that can fly. The powers of imagination are incredible. Our minds can take us to so many places and can build so many things—way more than our bodies have the time or the ability to do.
So now, especially when you are young, dream and imagine as much as you can. A child who is a “dreamer” is considered creative; an adult who is a dreamer is considered foolish or impractical. Dream on.

      -The Godmother
About Cambodian children and make-believe: From my experience, Cambodian children are not encouraged to grow their skills of imagination. Early education is about learning manners and letters. If a family has the means, they start their children in school as early as 3 years old where they learn how to greet the teacher properly, sit still, and perhaps recite the alphabet. Play involves chase or a shoe-kicking game, not "pretend play". By the time they make it to university, and me, they struggle when I ask them to imagine solutions, consider alternatives, communicate their own ideas--or many things that are beyond rote learning. Leaders recognize the limitations of this aspect of the educational system but moving away from that takes, alas, imagination.
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