Image: Very little in life is permanent. Some things hurt more than others to change though.
Getting a tattoo hurts!  But I've heard that getting it removed hurts worse.

Sometimes we make decisions that we later regret because they hurt us or hurt someone else or both.  Usually, we can fix the mistake.  It’s not permanent.  If we make the same mistake many times, we can develop a bad habit.  For example, a kid might develop a habit of teasing others, eating poorly, wasting time, being lazy, lying, stealing, cheating, etc.  Adults can develop those habits and more.  Habits can be very difficult to change.  It is best to develop good habits when you’re young.  After you’re old, it is hard to change your ways.  It can hurt.
     -The Godmother
About tattoos and soldiers: The ancient art of "Sak Yant" has been used for many purposes, one of which is as a defense mechanism, something like an artistic shield of armor. (Now foreigners are attracted to Sak Yant but for different reasons.) Cambodian soldiers got tattoos which were thought to protect them. They did whatever they could. It was very dangerous in Cambodia.

This village chief likely fought in the civil war. It was a complicated time when Cambodians killed Cambodians, Cambodians killed Vietnamese, Vietnamese killed Vietnamese, and the United States killed both. Among Cambodians alone, an estimated 275,000–310,000 were killed during the years 1970-1975. During the following four years under the brutal Khmer Rouge, Cambodia would a lose an additional 25% of its population. Call it what you will--nationalism, ideology, whatever--it takes a lot more than tattoos to protect humans from their worst instincts.
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