Open up your window.
Windows are interesting things. When a window is opened, the person inside can see out and necessarily the person outside can see in. You can’t see out and prevent the other seeing in. That’s not how it works.

This is how our hearts are. When we open our hearts to others, to nature, to God, we can see all those beautiful things. At the same time, our neighbor, the butterflies, the giant oak tree, and even God can see into us. We say, “You’re beautiful!” and they say back to us, “You’re beautiful too!”
     -The Godmother
Colonial architecture in Cambodia: The ninety years that the French were in Cambodia (1863-1953) are not remembered by Cambodians with joy. Though the French prevented Siam (Thailand) and Vietnam from swallowing Cambodia up, “re-discovered” and worked to preserve the revered Angkor Wat temples, opened public schools (for girls, the first ever), built railroads and post offices and the Buddhist Institute, and respected much of Cambodian culture, they’re remembered as “the people who taxed us too much”. One unfortunate manifestation of this attitude toward the French is that most Cambodians (not all) disregard French architecture. Unlike Cambodia’s ancient structures, nothing is done to preserve the old French buildings. Quite the contrary. They’re left to fall apart or worse. One ironic example is a building that was turned into a KFC restaurant (certainly a less interesting architectural structure). It should be noted that the French did design buildings well in an unfamiliar climate, maximizing the coolness of the earth and dissipating the heat of the air. But, alas, the baby went out with the bath water—for better or for worse.
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