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What's New for April 2014

There are more new designs in the shop, plus we are offering 10% off for the month of April. Just use the promo code APRNWS10 when you check out to get an extra 10% off our prints.

As well... Illustrations are now available as mailed prints! Starting at $10 you can get the print you love laser printed on 8.5x11 10lb stock paper. Visit the Etsy Shop and check out all the new designs and get yours today!

Recent Blog Articles

A Decision Has Been Made! | April 2, 2014
Hey! Just a quick post to let you know that the backsplash has been purchased and we are going to install it tonight... Or at least start. I know, we are all over the place with renos... [read more]

Wood Backsplash in the Kitchen? | March 26, 2014
I had an epiphany... I was online reading some blog posts when I came across this picture. Lightbulb. Wood in the kitchen. Wood for a backsplash. Why not? [read more]

What I Call My Home Office | March 25, 2014
As promised last week, when I revealed the 5 best home offices... Here's what my current office looks like. Ain't she purdy? HAHA Actually "she" is driving me insane. [read more]

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