Types of Prevailing Wage; Truck Drivers on the Job Site 

5 (or more) Types of Prevailing Wage

When most contractors think of “prevailing wage”, they think of high labor rates, required fringes, certified payrolls, and compliance issues. Some do not realize that the term “prevailing wage” is a generic term, and that there are multiple prevailing wage laws. In fact, one contractor might have five projects, and all five may be subject to different prevailing wage laws, each with their own requirements, wage determinations, and penalties for non-compliance. Everything is not simply Davis-Bacon...
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That’s a Good Question

Q. Does prevailing wage have to be paid to a truck driver making deliveries to a prevailing wage project?
A. The short and to the point answer is “maybe”. Determining factors that tip the scale are how the “site of the job” is defined for the project, whether or not the driver’s actions while on the job site are contributing to the project’s completion, the driver's employment status, and the governing authority's requirements... 
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Contractor Spotlight

Mott Electric LLC is a full service electrical contractor (commercial, industrial, marine) based in Paducah, Kentucky. Founded by Robert Mott in 1999 and grown via partnership with Kyle Lofton in 2009, Mott Electric operates by the concept of “becoming the expert” on every task. You will see their handiwork throughout Western Kentucky, with notable projects including the Barkley Regional Airport, Waste Water Treatment Facility renovations in Benton and Draffenville, Murray State University, the Kentucky Oaks Mall, and numerous boat overhauls and service projects for Ingram Barge Company. Robert’s two oldest children, Adam and Olivia, are students at the University of Kentucky, pursuing degrees in Electrical Engineering and Architecture, respectively. We thank Robert, Kyle, and the rest of their crew for our relationship with Mott Electric, and appreciate their business and support.


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