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Employer Notification Requirements Keep Growing

The administrative notices required of employers to furnish to their employees keep growing. Health Insurance Plans and Pension Plans (not to mention OSHA and the ACA) each have extensive disclosures, reports, and documents that must be provided to a company's employees. Not only is it the employer's responsibility to ensure their employees receive these notices, there are defined periodicity requirements as well. The link below shows a Reporting and Disclosure Guide, provided by the USDOL's Employee Benefits Security Administration, for an overview of just some of an employer's disclosure requirements.
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That’s a Good Question

Q. If a company pays for employee uniforms, is that a bona fide fringe for Prevailing Wage purposes?
A. No. The Department of Labor specifically defines which fringes may be credited as part of a Prevailing Wage Required Fringe, and a "fringe" as defined by the DOL is not the same as a "fringe" defined by the IRS.
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What's New

The all new Advantage Resource Employer Reference Manual is now available for our customers via download from the company file share system. The manual has samples and directions for a wide variety of Advantage Resource templates, services, and forms. For a bound hard copy of the manual, contact our company office.

Contractor Spotlight

NWK Construction Inc. is a contractor based in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Founded by 2001 by Nickie Kendrick, NWK specializes in guardrail, signing, fencing, and seeding. NWK is a certified DBE in Kentucky and Tennessee.

NWK is active on projects throughout the state. Along with ongoing work on the I-65 expansion south of Louisville, the I-64 expansion between Louisville and Lexington, and the Ohio River Bridges Project, NWK also installs and maintains all Logo signs (food, gas, and lodging exit signs) in the state of Kentucky.

We appreciate our relationship with Nickie, Bobby, and the rest of their crew at NWK, and value their business and support.
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