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An Update from the SCP

JUNE 2014
Dear Friends,

We want to provide you with an update on the Steamboat Conservation Partnership’s unprecedented successes and let you know that the agreement which created the Partnership has been extended for another five years.

The Steamboat Conservation Partnership is a unique agreement between a neighborhood association and a land trust.

We are happy to report that we have generated more than $80,000 during the first five years of the Partnership. This sum exceeds our five-year, $75,000 goal. All contributions are tax exempt, because they are made directly to Capitol Land Trust, which is a 501(c)(3) organization. Of this $80,000, approximately $24,000 remains unexpended.

Funds have been used by Capitol Land Trust to pay for staff time related to properties in the Steamboat Peninsula Region. This work in the Steamboat Peninsula Region includes developing agreements with owners of significant natural areas and working lands to conserve their property, maintaining relationships with property owners who already have given or sold their property or development rights to Capitol Land Trust, periodically meeting with a committee from our area on potential areas to conserve, and leading tours of protected areas. Other expenditures from these contributions financed the printing of brochures, two mass-mailings sent to property owners within the Steamboat Peninsula Region, and annual mailings to contributors.

Since 2009, Capitol Land Trust has conserved the following important or significant natural areas within the Steamboat Peninsula region:
In addition, an agreement will soon be signed conserving an additional 175 acres as part of the Wynne Conservation Easement, located in the Schneider Creek Valley with the headwaters of the creek. This will add to the existing 355 acres that are part of the Wynne Conservation Easement.

The map below shows the natural areas and working lands conserved by Capitol Land Trust within the Steamboat Conservation Region. Discussions are underway with other property owners to conserve additional lands within our Region.

Outreach Activities Report

The Steamboat Conservation Partnership has engaged in extensive outreach activities to keep contributors abreast of our successes.

Over the past five years, we have printed and distributed brochures describing the Partnership. We mailed annual newsletters to contributors and held two outreach concerts at the Prosperity Grange hall. Donors have been offered the opportunity of touring several of the spectacular conserved properties within our Region. A composite map of the Steamboat Peninsula Region, made from early survey maps, was created and distributed to major donors in recognition of their donations.

We mailed letters, describing the Steamboat Conservation Partnership and soliciting contributions, to all property owners on the Steamboat Peninsula, and to randomly selected shoreline property owners on western Cooper Point and in eastern Mason County. As a result, we have expanded the number of our contributors.

What is the Steamboat Conservation Partnership?

The Steamboat Conservation Partnership is an agreement between the Griffin Neighborhood Association and Capitol Land Trust. Under this agreement the Griffin Neighborhood Association attempts to generate at least $15,000 in contributions each year for Capitol Land Trust over a five year period. The duration of the original agreement was from July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2014. The new agreement will extend for another five years to the end of June 2019.

Capitol Land Trust places the contributions into a segregated trust account and uses the funds to finance a portion of its efforts to develop relationships with property owners in the Steamboat Peninsula Region, write habitat acquisition grants, negotiate agreements with property owners, and manage properties or easements within the Steamboat Peninsula Region. Defined as the watersheds of both Eld Inlet and Totten Inlet, the Steamboat Peninsula Region includes the Steamboat Island/ Griffin Peninsula, western Cooper Point draining into Eld Inlet, the eastern part of Mason County draining into Totten Inlet, and areas draining into Kennedy Creek or McLane Creek. A priority focus is made on lands located within the boundaries of the Griffin School District.

Capitol Land Trust works with property owners to conserve their property with the use of voluntary, non-regulatory methods by purchasing, or accepting gifts of, land or conservation easements on significant natural habitats and working lands. The Land Trust has a proven record of success, and has permanently conserved more than 5,000 acres in four southwest Washington counties, including more than 14 miles of south Puget Sound shoreline.

Capitol Land Trust recently received accreditation from the National Land Trust Accreditation Commission, after meeting the Commission’s comprehensive and detailed standards.
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