Moores to Mongolia

April 2015

Christ is Risen!
"Today hell groans and cries aloud, 'My dominion has been swallowed up; the Shepherd has been crucified and He has raised Adam... He who was crucified has emptied the tombs, the power of death has no more strength.'"
-The Pascal Vigil

In a mystery, since Pascha, it seems like Spring has fully arrived in Ulaanbaatar and we are looking at highs in the 50's and 60's over the next several days! Hoorah!

Holy Week and Pascha 
We were thankful that despite our busy work schedules we were able, between the three of us, to participate in almost all of the Holy Week services offered by the church.  Palm Sunday was a beautiful and joyous celebration. On Tuesday Chris and Andrew rejoiced with Gabriel and Mary at the Annunciation that she would bear the Christ. Wednesday we received the mystery of Holy Unction for the healing of our souls and bodies.  Thursday Chris and Andrew celebrated the Lord’s supper with a morning liturgy and Jen heard the words of Christ’s passion in the 12 Gospels that evening.  Friday we buried the Lord and lamented over His death. Chris and Jen were able to continue a family tradition started back home at St. John’s by keeping vigil and reading the Psalter at home. And Saturday night into Sunday we anticipated and celebrated His glorious resurrection!  We tried to document with a bunch of pictures and videos.  Some of them are below, much more are on the Church’s Facebook Page.  It was all beautiful, and we’re thankful that we understand some Slavonic and can load up English translations of the services on our Nook.  Our hearts still yearn to be able to translate the words and ideas of these beautiful services into the Mongolian language and culture.  Please pray with us that more effort can be placed and invested here. We need more laypeople and priests committed to this task.
New Home Group
Near the end of March we started extending our weekly prayer time with Kurt and Marina to include other members of the parish. We’ve invited both Mongolians and Russians but have especially worked to include Mongolians who might not receive the full benefits of the teaching and fellowship conducted in Russian on Sundays. The result is a start of a trilingual weekly gathering that meets for dinner and fellowship, discussion, and evening prayer. Our second meeting we had 9 people! (Well, including us and Andrew…) There’s a lot of stumbling over words as we work to read through a collection of evening prayers that we have available in Mongolian, but it’s a beautiful and hopeful thing for us to see this group begin to materialize. Eventually we would like to go through a catechism we have available in Mongolian as a springboard to discuss our faith as Christians. As we continue to open this group and seek out those interested, please join us in praying (1) that we would be able to identify regular attenders and build into their lives (2) that some of those attending regularly would also be able to function as translators for the group between the three languages (3) that this would be an inviting and “seeker-friendly” place for people to bring friends. 
Work and Language Study
Work has kept us quite busy these last few months and Chris especially has been feeling that his work load is too much considering what we’ve come here to do. The prep time for classes has limited our ability to learn language, build relationships, and have good family time, so we are currently seeking how we might make an adjustment for the next school semester. Perhaps we were just too spoiled in getting to have our first 3 months here without any large responsibilities ;-) But we ask your prayers that the Lord would provide a good option for us to have a nice balance and crossover between the necessities of working to stay in the country and time to invest into the reasons we came here.

Through God's grace, you are the ones that keep us going with your prayers and support!  It means so much that we can be here in Mongolia serving as an extension of your love. Please pray that we can live up to such a high calling.

Chris & Jen, and Andrew

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In the day-to-day we all little pictures that stick with us and somehow take on a deeper meaning. Here are a few vignettes from the last month.
-- A coworker told Jen she was interested in seeing our church sometime. She started the conversation with, “You know, I’m actually sort of a Christian.” It’s hard with a language barrier to explain to someone, even someone who is fluent in English, that “sort of a Christian” is not really something in our paradigm. Hopefully Annie will visit us soon. In the meantime, we pray for her relationship with Christ to grow.
-- Every Sunday, the first litany, or set of prayers, in our church is said in Mongolian. But it’s an echo-y space, and the singing of the choir overlaps with the prayers (which is beautiful, but makes it hard to understand the words at times). A few weeks ago Golden Flower, who has attended our church for more than 2 years, looked at Jen with what seemed to be some surprise and said, “Fr. Aleksey is speaking Mongolian!”
We're currently remembering these Mongolians regularly in prayer. Please join us!

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