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Yoga Included!

Since I arrived in Bucerias, I have been practicing yoga at an awesome local studio called Shala Ananda with equally amazing instructor Diana Nichols. over the past few weeks I have noticed some subtle yet important changes in my body and my cycling performance as a result of yoga. My core is definitely stronger which has improved by posture and my power. It has also definitely helped reduce that nagging lower back pain on longer rides as well. 

I have alway known that yoga is a great compliment to cycling, but only recently started taking it seriously. Now on every Bici Bucerias Tour, you get up to 5 complimentary Yoga classes! Diana also wrote a great article that I would like to share!

Yoga and Cycling

Cyclists across the world have found yoga to be an ideal complement to the bike, beneficial in a variety of ways. After long hours on the saddle the body can be left sore, tight, or achy. You may feel like a beast on the bike, but the opposite when it comes to touching your toes. 
With poses specifically chosen to target  needs –  focusing on quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, lower back, upper-back, and shoulders – the benefits will quickly become apparent.

Sage Rountree, a USA Cycling Level 3 Coach, yoga instructor, and author of The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga boasts the benefits of yoga for cyclists. Besides improving strength, balance, and focus she explains, “Yoga brings flexibility to the areas that get too tight so that we can have a more fluid pedal stroke.” Rountree states, “On a cellular level, stretching elongates your muscle fibers. Since the fibers shorten during effort and in response to the accumulation of lactic acid, it helps to begin with a long and relaxed set of muscle fibers that can contract more and thus generate greater force,” (2008).

Yoga Prevents Injuries

Most injuries are a result of an imbalance in the body. Serious cyclists for example, are likely to have over-developed leg muscles in comparison to upper body or core muscles or perhaps one leg has a stronger stroke than the other; other muscles will compensate for the weaker or imbalanced muscles which over time can lead to injury from overuse or misalignment. Yoga is all about bringing balance to the body (balancing the strength and elasticity of all muscle groups throughout the body, the skeletal alignment, and balancing the left and right, front and back sides of the body). By strengthening neglected areas, 
lengthening and loosening tight muscles, and creating balance in the body cyclists will see fewer injuries,  faster recovery times and less delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The incorporation of breath-work and meditation to the asana (physical postures) practice will lead to balance of the mind and emotions as well. 

Breath and Be Focused! 

In yoga there is a strong focus on breathing. The developed awareness of breath and the practices of breath control and breath expansion result in increased lung capacity and increased mental focus; this means superior endurance on a long ride. This can be paramount for taking you further or faster than you have ever gone before.

Yoga teaches people naturally how to manage stress, stay focused, and stay mentally clear in times of physical discomfort or strain. It teaches you how to breathe through it and to stay calm under pressure. With practice, yoga brings the ability to recognize what is happening quickly and how to respond seeing positive results within seconds. 

Learn to Read Your Body! 

You can picture it… long into the ride, another hill… that moment when everything tightens (the neck, shoulders, the jaw, hands), when the voice in the head goes from just wearing you down to becoming overbearing and overwhelming. You feel like you’re at the breaking point.  Yoga trains you to recognize the warning signs before you ever reach this point of discomfort.   Instead…   you notice a muscle tightens in your shoulder and that the voice in your mind has been rambling on again. You consciously return to the breath. You take a deep breath in and a deep breath out; you relax your shoulders, your neck, relax your face; you calm the mind...      
A few more strokes and you’ve found your rhythm. Confidence returns. You connect with your inner-strength and power. Ahhhhh yess! This is why I love to ride! This is why I love yoga!
Resource - Rountree. (2008).The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga:  An Integrated Approach to Strength, Flexibility, and Focus

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Most of our tours will allow you to enjoy five to six days of stunning, fully supported riding with a tour leader and follow vehicle for longer rides. We'll start each day early with a ride on quiet local roads, return before lunch, and then the afternoon is yours! Take time to get a massage, surf, paddle board, sail or relax pools or beachside, or simply explore Bucerias. We'll head to some of the area's best local restaurants for dinner. We also love hosting custom tours. If you dream it, we will make it happen!

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