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WE Bike NYC July News and Rapha Women 100 Ride

WE Bike to Jacob Riis Beach!
June was a fairly rainy month, but WE still got out and enjoyed the summer streets by bicycle. Now that July is here, we can expect hotter temps and higher humidity. Remember to factor this into your riding over the next couple of months to make your rides enjoyable and safe. If you are looking for a mileage challenge, come join WE Bike NYC's Rapha Women's 100 Ride on July 26 (approximately 60 miles). Wondering how to prepare? Read on!

Getting Ready For This Year’s Rapha Women’s 100 Challenge -- from WE Bike NYCer and co-leader of the Rapha Women's 100 Elyse Bejasa

Early last summer, I stumbled across the WE Bike NYC website and saw that they were hosting a ride for the Rapha Women’s 100 challenge. At that point, I had been a bike commuter for about 11 months, riding 5 miles to and from work on my old, clunky 3-speed cruiser. The longest ride I had ever done was the TD Five Boro Bike Tour a few weeks prior, but I wanted to challenge myself with the 60 mile ride. I didn’t know what to expect and was pretty ill-prepared for the ride, but with the support of the amazing women of WE Bike NYC, I finished. All 60+ miles. On my cruiser. I honestly don’t know how I did it without my legs falling off.

This year, I feel like I’m ready for the Rapha Women’s 100 because I’ve learned SO MUCH since last year and because I’ve biked way more than I ever have. So I figured I’d share a few of the things I’ve learned in my quick transformation from commuter to cyclist that’ll help me get through those miles on July 26th.

 Bring snacks and EAT THEM! I usually have snacks on me (I’m a hungry person), but it never used to occur me to me that I needed to be eating fairly often while on my bike. Biking burns a lot of calories and it's easy to miscalculate how much energy you’re expending until you’re just about to bonk. I found that I need to eat something (usually a pack of energy gummies or a KIND bar) every 20 miles to stay steady. The amount of energy you need varies person to person. How your body reacts to heat and humidity and other extraneous factors also play a part in this equation. That said, I often carry more food than I think I will need because I would rather be safe than sorry. If I cannot physically carry enough food for my ride, I will bring enough cash and plan my route accordingly so that I have places to refuel along the way.

 Riding in groups is VERY different from riding alone. For one thing, it’s more fun. But it also requires communication between riders. I learned about the various hand signals and audible cues that cyclists use so other cyclists are aware of what’s going on. Good communication between riders helps people trust that the group is looking out for their safety. So ride predictably and pass back signals when you’re riding in a group.

 Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Did I mention HYDRATE? It goes without saying that water is the best, but remember to add electrolytes to replenish the ones you lose as you sweat over a long period of time.

 Don’t be afraid of bike gear! As much as I can, I try to use what I already have when it comes to gear. But as I began to do longer rides and ride more often, I realized upgrading was in my favor, procuring different gear as I was able. I went from casual commuter to cyclist because I was looking for gear that would make my rides more efficient. Whether it was cycling jerseys (the pockets on the back are magical and hold snacks!), chamois shorts (protecting our bottoms doesn't just mean more comfort - it's also better for our health), or clipless pedals, I invested in them because they make my ride better for me and also because I knew I’d wear them pretty often.

I’m glad to be co-leading the Rapha Women’s 100 ride this year. If you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share, if you have any questions about the ride, or just want to chat about something bike-related, please feel free to post on the Female Bike Forum presented by WE Bike NYC.

Hope to see everyone on July 26th!!
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WE Bike NYC Upcoming Events
*WE Bike NYC events are open to women, female identifying, and gender non-conforming riders only,  unless otherwise noted.*

Moms On Wheels: Meet and Greet Waterfront Ride
Saturday July 11 
9:30am meetup, Meet and Greet for 1 hour, ride following - Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 6, at Joralemon Street, Brooklyn

Join WE Bike NYC's Moms On Wheels as we meet and greet with moms (or moms to be) on Saturday July 11th 2015 and take our first ride of the season!

We'll meet at Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park, on the grassy area between Fornino outdoor seating and the Volleyball Courts. Join us whether you have small children (or are thinking about it!) and want to understand what family cycling looks like, if your little ones are getting their feet wet with bicycling in their first season riding, or if your kids are older and you are looking for fun bike activities to do as a family. WE'll be skillsharing for the first hour, then taking a short, 2 mile bike ride along the waterfront down to Red Hook to Louis Valentino Jr Park. Looking forward to meeting you and your little ones!

Note: This event is open to women, female-identifying, and gender nonconforming people only (for grownups - kids of all genders are welcome to attend with their grownup).

WE Ride with Mujeres en Movimiento: Tour de Queens Meetup
Sunday, July 12 
8:00am meetup - Astoria Park, in the parking lot of 19th Street and Hoyt Ave N, Queens
Register for the ride here, then RSVP to our Meetup here.

Join us on Transportation Alternatives' annual Tour de Queens, exploring 20 miles of New York's largest borough by bike! The tour starts and ends in Astoria Park and will pass through Long Island City, Sunnyside, Rego Park, Forest Hills, Corona, and other beautiful areas of Queens.

Register and get more information about the ride here!

July Happy Hour
Thursday, July 16
7-9pm - The Bronx Brewery, 856 East 136th Street, Bronx

Beat the heat and join us for Happy Hour at the Bronx Brewery! WE'll be in the tasting room, hanging out, and talking about bikes (or other bike-related things).  

WE Ride the Women's Rapha 100 Challenge
Sunday, July 26
8am meetup, wheels down at 8:30am -  Sweetleaf, LIC, 10-93 Jackson Ave Long Island City, NY 11101

On Sunday, July 26, 2015, Rapha will connect thousands of female cyclists around the world in a bid to get as many women to ride 100km on that day as possible.

WE Bike NYC will offer a "Roadie Lite" option that will cover 65 miles (100km) round trip from Sweetleaf Coffee in Long Island City through Brooklyn to Long Beach, LI. WE will have lunch in Long Beach, then head back to our finish at Sweetleaf Coffee, where the ride officially ends.

This is an INTERMEDIATE ride. If one of the below apply to you, this is your ride:

65 miles is a goal you're working towards;
You've done a single day ride of 50 miles or more; and/or
Over the course of a week, you ride 60+ miles.

If you're not sure, please reach out! This Facebook event page is the perfect place to feel it out and exchange ideas with other female riders on how to rock the distance.

What to bring: 2 water bottles, SNACKS!!!, flat changing kit (tube, levers, patch kit), sunscreen, cash for lunch (or feel free to bring your own lunch!), and a helmet.

Community Events

Pedaling Through the Past
Sunday, July 11
11am - meet at Carl Schurz Park at 86th Street and the East River

To honor the 50th anniversary of the passing of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Law in 1965, Bike New York will be partnering with the Randall's Island Park Alliance for a historical tour of Randall's Island. As we pedal through fields and woods, and over rivers and marshes, we will learn from park staff and other local officials about the unique history of Randall's Island. We will see landmarks such as the Hell Gate Bridge (the strongest bridge in New York), Icahn stadium (built on the site where Jesse Owens qualified for the 1936 Berlin Olympics) and the Robert Moses Building (home of the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, from where Moses enacted plans to drastically alter the built environment of New York City.

This ride will be approximately 7 miles and will be ridden at a relaxed pace. Find out more information and register here!

The Epic Ride
Saturday, July 25
Greenpoint Start Time: 8am (fast group), 8:15am (leisure group)
Sunset Park Start Time: 9am
Floyd Bennett Field Start Time: 11am

Ride 40-miles along the waterfront's edge from Greenpoint to Rockaway Beach! Discover hidden and far flung neighborhoods, pedal through city, state and national parks and take in spectacular bridge and city views along the Brooklyn Waterfront and Jamaica Bay Greenways.

Continue the fun at The Epic After Party on the Rockaway beach boardwalk with bands, food, complimentary beer and take a dip in the sea! Riders will be fully supported by experienced marshals and mechanics along the route and refreshments will be offered at scenic rest stops. Complimentary bike valet will be offered at the finish line.

By participating in The Epic Ride, you are supporting Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, the non-profit organization committed to the establishment, development and long-term stewardship of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway.

Cost is $50 until July 8, after July 8 it is $55. Learn more and register here


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