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Women's Empowerment through Bicycles

WE Bike Mission:
WE Bike is a group based in New York City open to all women and transgender people  who enjoy biking (or think they might).  WE Bike aims to break down barriers to cycling by offering social rides, training rides, mechanics workshops and ride scholarships.  WE Bike because it’s a great way to get around New York, it’s healthy and it’s FUN!

What We Are Doing:

Youth Bike Summit
February 15, 16 and 17. Young bikers all over the country are coming together in New York for three days. WE Bike is teaching a couple of seminars. Please come out and join us. Hosted by Recycle A Bicycle!

Mechanics' Workshop
February 10th at Red Lantern. 343 Myrtle Avenue. 3 PM. Here's a chance to get your bike ready for the season! WE'll give you some basic maintenance tips and help you get it all cleaned up so you feel shiny and new! Bring your bike!

Sadie Hawkins Ride in Central Park, hosted by WE Bike NYC
Valentine's Day Ride! Is there anything more romantic (or silly) than riding a bicycle around Central Park on (near) Valentine's Day with your sweetie/friend/neighbor family member/acquaintance? This is a great opportunity to get someone you love on a bike and have a bunch of fun! All genders welcome! Rides will be led by WE Bike NYC and are appropriate for beginner riders. However, all riders must bring and helmet. Some small snacks will be provided.
  • Who: Anyone interested in supporting We Bike NYC. All genders welcome. Bring a partner, or meet one there!

  • What: Guided ride around central park. (Snacks provided!)

  • Where: Meet at the entrance to Central Park on 90th Street and 5th Ave.

  • When: February 23rd, 1PM, don't be late! Cupid waits for no one!

  • Why: WE love riding our bikes and WE want you to come too!

*Please RSPV to*

Training Rides
Training rides for the 5 Boro Bike Tour will start in March. WE still have 2 spots available for the Tour! They cost $100 to join, and this ride is SO worth it! E-mail for more info.

Want to Get Involved?
WE bike plans great events for everybody by making our major decisions in a small group. WE call the group the "Officers Club" which meets once a month to schedule, brainstorm and (sometimes) eat pizza. Everyone is welcome at Officers meetings! If you've got great ideas to share, and/or just want to get more involved, COME TO THE OFFICERS’ MEETINGS!
Next Meeting: February 12, Irving Farm Coffee. 27 W 20th Street, Manhattan.
 RSVP to for more info.

Help Us:
Want to help? Have something to offer? Please email your insights to:

From the Bike League webinar.
Happy New Year, ladies. Let's bike!

It's time for a fresh new year of biking, and WE're not the only ones out there. There are women's bike groups across the globe, and lots of people talking about how to start and keep one going. There's lots of great information on the Women Bike page of the League of American Bicyclists' site. Also, there are groups all over the country and the world who are trying to do what WE're doing. Here are several worth checking out.

  • Black Women Bike DC -DC-based group whose mission is to enable black women of all ages ride bikes for fun, health and transportation. Contact Black Women Bike DC at

  • CycloFemme - Celebrating women on bikes. Every year, CycloFemme organizes a Mother's Day ride for women all over the globe. Plus they have a bangin' logo.

  • Ovarian Psychos - An L.A.-based activist group with the tag line "Ovaries so big we don't need no balls!" Organizes rides for women and connects participants to resources in the community. Contact Ovarian Psychos at

  • Women Bike - League of American Bicyclists - An initiative by the League of American Bicyclists to empower female bicyclists, nation-wide. To get involved, contact Carolyn Szczepanski at

  • WABA: Women Bike- A portion of the Washington Area Bicyclists Association devoted to getting women in Washington, DC to participate in its mission of improving wellness, city-wide, through supporting the cycling community. Contact waba at

  • Grease Rag Minneapolis - Minneapolis- based group to connect women, transgender, and female identified people with resources in the biking community. The group provides a safe space for shop nights, discussions and seminars. Contact Grease Rag at

  • Girls Bike Club - This Chicago- based club run out of West Town Bikes is the only one in the country (that we know about) that serves urban girls! Unfortunately they don't have a website yet, but we can't wait to see where they are headed in the future!

Such great stuff happening so many places. What other orgs do you know?

WE Bike Moms and WE Bike Corona!

We Bike NYC's goal is to acknowledge different kinds of female and trans cyclists, while creating a community among and between us! In this vein, WE are launching two new initiatives in 2013 to engage less prominent cyclists: WE Bike Moms and WE Bike Corona. WE Bike Moms aims to create rides that are accessible for mothers and small children. We hope to engage moms who might not be comfortable riding with children, and connect them with others who ride and have learned from their experiences. WE Bike Moms will launch during bike month in May with an event where mothers (and other curious riders) can try riding bikes with different kinds of child seats and talk about the pros and cons of each. If you know a cyclist mom who would like to be involved, please email

WE Bike Corona marks our first grant funded project EVER!  Through a grant from the Partnership for a Healthier New York Fund for Public Health and in collaboration with the Queens Museum of Art and the Immigrant Movement International, WE Bike NYC will expand its’ Women’s Empowerment through Bicycles program to include residents in Corona, Queens. 

WE Bike Corona will draw on the large community of female cyclists already activated by WE Bike NYC in the 4 other boroughs.  In the first part of the program, six Corona residents will take on training in 1) Bicycle mechanics, 2) ride leading and 3) program design (event planning, reasonable goals, community barriers to cycling).  After completing the 12-week training course, participants will lead once-a-week community bicycle activities targeting women and girls in June, July and August. WE are looking for 6 bikes to award participants at the end of the program. Do you know anyone who can help us find bikes?

What other women out there do you know about? How can we connect more?

Community News

February 15-17, Youth Bike Summit

March 4-6, National Bike Summit

March 4, National Women's Bicycling Forum

Bicycle Roots Campaign

Bronx River Alliance (ongoing project about the Bronx River)

WE Bike NYC Female Bike Forum on FB- ask questions, get answers from other women and trans folk.  Share cool stories, learn new stuff!

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