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Women's Empowerment through Bicycles

WE Bike Mission:
WE Bike is a group based in New York City open to all women and transgender people  who enjoy biking (or think they might).  WE Bike aims to break down barriers to cycling by offering social rides, training rides, mechanics workshops and ride scholarships.  WE Bike because it’s a great way to get around New York, it’s healthy and it’s FUN!

What We Are Doing:

Training Rides
Prospect Park- Morning and Weekend
March 1, 10am- 12pm
March 8, 10am-12pm
March 17, 10am-12pm

Meet at the entrance to Prospect Park on 9th Street at Prospect Park West

These rides are aimed at people who are starting to ride after a winter's break, and will go about 9-10 mph. WE'll work on any issues that come up while we ride around the park, and can start and stop as needed. Bring a working bike (please inflate tires to proper pressure), helmet, comfortable clothing for bike riding (does not need to be "bike clothing"), water and a bit of cash for a coffee/tea afterwards at the Juice Peddlar. Remember: if it is cold or wet WE'll ride, but will cancel if there's snow or a really bad storm. *All are welcome- you don’t have to be riding in the Tour at the end to participate in the training!

Central Park- After Work
March 12th, 6pm - dark
March 27th, 6pm- dark

Meet at the fountain in Columbus Circle

These bi-monthly rides will build from 6 miles on the 12th to 30 miles before the big day! Come to all or some of the rides to build your skills, speed and stamina and meet others riding with WE Bike on May 5th.  WE will aim to ride about 15 miles/hour, but will adjust to the group. No one will get dropped.  All are welcome- you don’t have to be riding in the Tour at the end to participate in the training!  Please be sure to bring a helmet and LIGHTS.

Social Rides
Peanut Butter Bike Picnic
March 24th, Noon - 3:30
Meet at Peanut Butter and Co., in Greenwich Village, 240 Sullivan St (between Bleecker St & 3rd St)

Join us for a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, a scenic lap around Central Park, and Cupcakes! We'll start at Peanut Butter and Co., in Greenwich Village, where you can pick up a delicious sandwich made with the best of ingredients. We'll enjoy a nice ride up to Central Park, ride the 6-mile loop, where we'll burn off those lunch calories to make room for some just desserts from Sugar Sweet Sunshine in the Lower East Side!

Who doesn't love a tasty Peanut Butter sandwich? Probably someone allergic to nuts! But have no fear, Peanut Butter and Co. has vegan and nut free options! Or you can bring your own lunch and come along for the ride!

Mechanics Workshop
Bike Cleaning Workshop

March 10, 3-5pm
Red Lantern Bicycles, 345 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn

Here's a chance to get your bike ready for the season! WE'll give you some basic maintenance tips and help you get it all cleaned up so you feel shiny and new! Bring your bike!

Want to Get Involved?
Officer's Meeting

March 11, 7-9pm
Irving Farm Coffee, 27 W 20th Street, Manhattan

WE bike plans great events for everybody by making our major decisions in a small group. WE call the group the "Officers Club" which meets once a month to schedule, brainstorm and (sometimes) eat pizza. Everyone is welcome at Officers meetings! If you've got great ideas to share, and/or just want to get more involved, COME TO THE OFFICERS’ MEETINGS!
RSVP to for more info.

Help Us:
Want to help? Have something to offer? Please email your insights to:

WE Bike NYC Plan-A-Thon 2013!

Happy Birthday,

WE Bike NYC! 
At the end of February, WE Bike NYC officers got together for a marathon planning session. After seven hours of chart-making, vision-planning, pizza and donuts, we came up with some guidelines for where WE Bike NYC wants to go in the future. 
WE'd love to share some of the goals we outlined for 2013:
  1. This year, WE decided that the best way forward is to become an LLC, and to possibly work towards becoming a non-profit a couple of years in the future. WE're taking steps to do that. WE also want to trademark our name, and at the same time, form partnerships with groups across the country. 
  2. WE want to make sure to provide consistent, high-quality programming. Going forward, this will include at least one social ride or field trip, one mechanics workshop, one training or workout ride, and one bike brunch where WE Bike NYC members and women in the bike community can get together, eat, talk shop, talk non-shop and have a great time. 
  3. WE want to grow! WE've gotten such great feedback from everyone who has gone on WE Bike rides or trained at one of our great workshops that WE want to double our membership by the end of 2013. That means reaching 100 new individuals. Help us spread the word!

Of course, spending seven hours with smart, go-getter ladies means WE sorted through many more topics and ideas. WE'd be happy to share the rest of our vision, and WE'd love to know what you think. Email with any questions, comments, thoughts or concerns. 
WE Bike NYC Vision Statement: WE want NYC’s cycling community to reflect the diversity of the city.  Through innovative programming on and off the bike and partnerships with local communities, WE create a supportive environment for women, girls, transgender and gender nonconforming people to get where they want to go.
WE Bike NYC Mission Statement: WE Bike NYC is a group based in New York City open to all women and transgender people who enjoy biking (or think they might). WE Bike NYC aims to break down barriers to cycling by offering social rides, training rides, mechanics workshops and ride scholarships. WE Bike because it’s a great way to get around New York, it’s healthy and it’s FUN!

Community News

March 4-6 - National Bike Summit  and National Women's Cycling Forum  This year 3 WE Bike women went down to Washington DC to rub elbows with cycling advocates, industry giants and law makers to talk about the future of cycling in the US.  It was an incredible, inspiring and exhausting experience   WE'll tell you more in our next newsletter! Check out the photo below of us taking the Capitol by (very cold) bike!

Bicycle Roots Campaign Help the largest female owned shop in NYC get back on its' feet!

WE Bike NYC Female Bike Forum on FB- ask questions, get answers from other women and trans folk.  Share cool stories, learn new stuff! 

March 13 - Bike Commuting 101 with Bike New York 
Bike Commuting 101 is an inspiring one-hour presentation covering the many benefits of bike commuting. While no riding is involved, the class provides oodles of information on ways you can make your bike commute more comfortable, more efficient and safer. And giveaways! no pre-registration is required for this free class. 
March 14 - Road Ready Clinic with Bicycle Habitat (Brooklyn)
Spring is near and it's time to get your bike road-ready! This hands-on clinic will teach you how to check your bike and make sure it's in top-top shape. Preventative maintenance will save you in the short run, preventing flats, injury and other damage -- we'll walk you through what you need to know - and then break up into groups to apply your knowledge on your own ride.

March 30 - Red Hook Criterium @ Brooklyn Cruise Terminal
If you've ever wanted to check out the bike "scene," it is never quite as big as at this race/party! The brainchild of David Trimble returns for its third annual night ride. Unsanctioned and unfiltered, this race is a blast to enter or ride. Bring your own messenger bag and flannel shirt.

New York Cycle Club Rides - Check out a huge variety of group rides offered by NYC Cycle Club! - Everything that’s anything that’s happening in the bike world in NYC this summer will be here. Bookmark it now so you don’t miss out!

April 6 - Family Bike Bonanza 3rd Ave between Douglas and Degraw
Bike Swap, Learn to Ride Classes, Bike Safety Clinics!

April 4 - VeloCity Benefit Party!
VeloCity is one of the coolest programs in NYC. They work with high school youth to teach urban planning, cycling and leadership skills.
OPEN BAR, FOOD, MINGLE with New York City's movers-and-shakers, receive A SPECIAL GIFT and bid on the silent auction! WE Bike will be there! Join us!
WE Bike NYC in DC

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