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The Slugs & Bugs LIVE Tour!

What is a Slugs & Bugs concert all about?

At Slugs & Bugs LIVE concerts, children experience extravagant silliness right next to the extravagant love of Jesus. Through music and video and insightful teaching moments, Slugs & Bugs helps parents and kids think about following Christ as something they do together as a family, because Mom and Dad need Jesus just as much as the kids do. Oh, and there are also ninjas and tigers and bears that will absolutely eat you if you don't mind your mama. 

Jesus comes to meet us where we live, and Slugs & Bugs takes this to heart, celebrating silliness as part of Christ's domain. Of course silliness is home-sweet-home for kids, but in the tradition of the Smothers Brothers, Loony Tunes, The Muppets, Monty Python and Veggie Tales, Slugs & Bugs helps adults remember that they are really just big kids too. 

What is a Slugs & Bugs concert like?

Slugs and Bugs LIVE is a one-man multi-media bonanza. Randall Goodgame leads the approximately 1 hour performance with live music, background musical tracks and fun animated videos that extend through most of the songs.  The concert is geared toward kids 10 and under AND their parents, with fun interactive moments for everyone during the program. Kids spin around, Dads act up on stage, sometimes there's a parade... Slugs and Bugs LIVE is truly an investment in your community as Randall leaves both kids and parents with smiles on their faces and a deepening awareness of the presence of Jesus in their lives!

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Why should a church partner with Slugs & Bugs?

1 .Slugs & Bugs LIVE is a great event for outreach to your community. 
2. Slugs & Bugs LIVE is a great event for building up and encouraging families within your church.
3. Slugs & Bugs LIVE is all-natural, gluten-free, dairy-free, and safe for almost the whole family. (Can be dangerous to anyone over the age of 900. We're looking at you, Methuselah). 
In the end, Slugs & Bugs works because Jesus is head of all things. He is the head of kite flying and river floating, diaper changing and water gun fights. And He bids us to come to Him as the little children that we are, embracing our desperate need of Him and rejoicing in the great gift of this amazing life. 

Let's do this!

We hope you'll invite us to partner with your church or children's ministry this year!
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