Pure Energy Minerals Limited Newsletter 2015 Vol. 2
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In this edition:
  • Exploration update - initial seismic data reveals positive news
  • Pure Energy expands placer minerals claim in Clayton Valley
  • Commercialy-focused MOU executed with POSCO
  • New board member, Mary Little, M.Sc., M.B.A.
  • Pertinent industry news
Pure Energy executed the most comprehensive seismic program ever conducted in Clayton Valley which resulted in an unprecedented view into the basin underlying our claim area.
Preliminary Seismic Data Reveals Mineralized Zone Extends Throughout Claim Area

Pure Energy invested significant resources into completing a very comprehensive seismic reflection survey spanning a large portion of Clayton Valley.  The purpose of the seismic work is to get a view deep into the basin to illustrate the depth and areal extent of mineralized zones that potentially contain lithium resources.  When coupled with our intrusive work (i.e. drilling), and other geophysics data (such as downhole geophysics and gravity data) we are able to assemble a geologic model of the basin.  This will identify the potential size of mineralized zones, which is critical to calculating the inferred resource potential and future drill targets.  High quality data is clearly of value, and Pure Energy took the 'cadillac' approach - 600 data collection sites and nearly 20 kms of seismic transects.  Over 1 terabyte of data was collected, analyzed and interpreted.

The initial results are very positive, demonstrating that the mineralized zone intersected in Pure Energy's recent drilling campaign extends throughout Pure Energy's entire claim area, from the existing Silver Peak lithium operations southwards to include the new lithium placer claims recently acquired by Pure Energy.  In addition, the mineralized zone appears to extend deeper than the base of the existing and historical exploration boreholes and maintains this thickness throughout the entire basin.  These findings will be incorporated into the forthcoming Inferred Resource Assessment Report (NI 43-101 complaint).

The recent exploration program prompted Pure Energy to expand its place mineral claim area from 4,500 acres to over 8,000 acres.

Pure Energy Expands Clayton Valley Claim Area by 80% to Over 8,000 Acres

Pure Energy recently expanded its initial claim area by over 3,500 acres to secure areas of interest highlighted by the recent exploration work.  Pure Energy's wholly owned US subsidiary, Esmeralda Minerals LLC,  secured 963 acres of lithium placer mining claims, while the remaining 2,542 acres of lithium placer claims were acquired through a binding agreement with Nevada Alaska Minerals.  

Pure Energy's claims now total 8,037 acres, or an area approximately 10 km long by 2 km wide.  To provide a sense of scale, the area covered by wells at the Silver Peak lithium mine immediately to the north of Pure Energy's claim area cover approximately 2,300 acres.  

The claim extension was prompted by the recent exploration program.  The initial geophysics results indicated that an expansion of claim area eastward along the southern portion of our claim was warranted, illustrated in the figure above. 

These new claim areas will be included in future exploration plans as Pure Energy advances its development strategy towards developing a highly-valued lithium asset in the USA.
Pure Energy's lithium placer mineral claims now total 8,037 acres, or approximately an area 10 km long by 2 km wide.  
Pure Energy Executes Commercially-Focused MOU With POSCO

Pure Energy has been focused on developing commercial relationships that will add value to our strategic plan.  To this end, Pure Energy executed a non-binding MOU with Korean multi-national POSCO.   POSCO is one of the largest steel manufactures in the world and is a leader in the development of lithium brine processing technologies and advanced battery material research and manufacturing.  

Pure Energy had entered into an MOU in 2014 with POSCO, which focused on the exploration of Clayton Valley and potential testing and deployment of POSCO's proprietary lithium extraction technology.  The current MOU is significantly different in that it is more commercially-focused, and includes the development of business relationships with potential customers and consolidation with other lithium development properties/lithium producers and relevant financial participation opportunities.  Pure Energy is looking to leverage POSCO's significant commercial potential and extensive business relationships in the lithium space, while also providing POSCO an opportunity to establish itself in one of the most important and buoyant  lithium battery markets in the world.  
Pure Energy Welcomes Mary Little to the Board of Directors

Ms. Little has spent her entire career in the mining industry in a variety of senior roles, and brings extensive exploration, project and commercial development experience to Pure Energy.  In 2003, Ms. Little cofounded Mirasol Resources Ltd., where she worked as CEO until 2014, leading Mirasol's growth as a prospect generator and guiding corporate development activities (including the successful sale of a principal asset).  Prior to Mirasol, Ms. Little held management positions spanning 15 years with major mining companies Newmont, Cyprus Amax and WMC Ltd., and has worked in Argentina, Nevada, and Chile.  Ms. Little holds an M.Sc. in Earth Science from the University of California and an M.B.A. degree from the University of Colorado.  
Industry News
Interest in Tesla's newest products battery products is "massive" Gigafactory "not big enough"

Lithium is fundamental component of the technology that is positioned to fundamentally change the way society uses energy.  The coupling of battery technology with renewable energy solves the intermittent nature of renewables, and will unlock the value of green energy reliably and economically.  Recently, Tesla announced its new lithium battery products for commercial and residential energy storage.  These batteries can be used to store renewable energy (or low-cost nighttime energy) when available and deploy it as required, primarily during peak hours. The low cost of these products ($250/kWh for the Powerpack) surprised many, and the market response has been resoundingly positive.  


  • Orders within a few days of the announcement totalled US$800 million, mostly in commercial applications.
  • Tesla is sold-out of these batteries until mid-2016.
  • Elon Musk claims the $5B gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada is "not big enough"
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Buffett-backed Chinese electric automaker BYD plans up to US$1.6 billion placement

Electric cars continue to gain market share, and China's BYD is a dominant player.  BYD plans to raise US$1.6 billion from a share sale in order to increase its capacity to manufacture batteries to meet the growth in demand for electric vehicles.  

  • BYD is looking to raise US$1.6 billion to increase the capacity to capitalize on opportunities in the market.
  • BYD intends to develop its own power units rather than rely on suppliers.
  • The company recently won a contract to supply electric buses to the City of Long Beach, CA.
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