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8-year old Havana (above) is American-Australian and lives in Myanmar.

She set a challenge to her friends: “If we raise US$1,000 I'll shave off all my hair! And I'll do it in the middle of the International School in Yangon, in front of everyone.”

Well, her 'Dare Me' campaign raised US$5,266.97!!!

So on 15 Nov – off came all that hair!

She had rallied her school, friends and family on her campaign and they stepped up. "It's to raise money for my favourite charity, Kenbe La and it's Purple Cake Day, with projects that help kids have school and education in Haiti, Nepal and Kenya.”

Supporters had paid online, but in her donations box on the day, she also found Burmese Kyat, Indian Rupee and Vietnamese Dong – fellow students at her school had made donations from their own pocket money!

This is an incredible achievement. Thank you Havana for coming up with the idea and being gutsy enough to follow it through. You have inspired so many kids and adults to be generous and brave and interesting and giving. And of course helped a lot of kids who do not normally have access to education, to have the opportunity to help themselves. From all of us at Purple Cake Day, thank you. And thank you to all your supporters!

And the fun's not over yet. She says, “I'm having fun with two wigs that I wear sometimes now, a bright green one and pink one.” Inspiring!

Click photos to see more of how the day's events unfolded!


Here's something for your 2015 calendar! Yes, we're excited to announce 20 March 2015 is Purple Cake Day's next Global Day of Action. As always you can get involved any date that suits, but that's the day we kick off our FIFTH year of Purple Cake Day! Yes 5 years. You guys are incredible. Thank you for your creative energy, support and spirit, inspiring young people to be generous. How will you go Purple?


With a generous NZ$5000 grant from the David Ellison Charitable Trust, the Children of Haiti Project (COHP) has been able to bring computer training to their students. School principal Dominique, says it best:

As our fifth academic year unfolds, COHP is conscious of the competencies that will be needed in the workplace of tomorrow. Students at COHP speak computer, and their interest level rises instantly and visibly when they are allowed to work on computers.

"One point worth mentioning is that our school caters to children who are from extreme poverty. Exposing our children to these contemporary tools allows them to have the same level of comfort with computers as children in more affluent environments. Later in life this will likely aid them in getting opportunities to change their station in life. Thank you."

The school has set up a step-by-step computer-use curriculum, and is "focused on using technology to learn rather than learning about technology". We are excited about this opportunity for the students.

10-yr old gives up Christmas presents

This is Bella. She has decided to give up her Christmas presents this year so she can buy 46 kids at the Children of Haiti school a present instead. Yes. We were surprised too!

We talked to the COHP school, and they decided the best present the kids could get is a hot meal on Christmas Day, as many will be unable to afford one. They will also organise a small gift for each of them and make a celebration at the COHP school. Bella's generosity will make this happen. Incredible.

Bella's Christmas Gift campaign is running until 15 December. If you want to contribute please click HERE (and add 'Bella's Gift' in the Organisation field). Thanks!

We'll keep you posted on how she goes! Kids helping kids.

Emily and the Purple Cake Day team

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