"kids helping kids around the world"
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There's a Science Lab in Haiti
Thanks to a grant from the David Ellison Trust Foundation in New Zealand this year, COHP was able to build a new science lab on the premises. The school also received lab materials needed to start a science programme for the 8th graders thanks to 4HNYC fundraising. This is extremely exciting for the students we have been supporting who live in abject poverty, but who are (against the odds) excelling at school.
The science curriculum will cover life, physical and general science.
"We were fortunate to be able to hold a successful Summer School and reading enrichment programme this year, which provided both a safe haven for the children and special attention to those who needed it. Our 8th year at COHP will focus on the continuation of computer training, art, sports and the new science programme."
Edmienda Dormeus
"I am in 4th grade. When I grow up I want to become a pilot. I am told that not too many women fly commercial airlines. I want to be one of the exceptions. If I have money I will open a training center to teach people how to fly airplanes. I like it because at school in science my teacher explained what makes something fly and I do not understand it all but she promised to continue the lesson using the computer to show us."
Sweets in Switzerland!
When it's snowing outside, it's time for the Christmas markets.

Esther, Frank, Tim & Lynn decided to warm up winter wanderers with their sweets in Switzerland: "We took part in the Christmas market in our village, selling sweets that we had made. Friends were helping too and we all decided to donate the generated income to Kenbe La Foundation. What an adventure. It was freezing, but we were keen and happy to go for it! We had fun."
"People got involved because we could tell them that Kenbe La makes a difference in kids lives, and that the money goes directly where it's needed. We talked to a teacher-to-be who got very interested to 'go purple' one day when she has finished her studies. Next time we will plan a summer event :-)"
The Children of Haiti Project is able to provide an 'oasis of learning in the dusty capital Port-au-Prince' because of your generous fundraising and support. We have lots of groups, schools and families who regularly fundraise, either through Purple Cake Day or an initiative of their own, to whom we are extremely appreciative. Thank you for your support this year. 
The wonderful World of WearableArt
A thank you note from Emily
"With WOW’s support through the sale of Preview Show tickets, we have enabled thousands of children in impoverished and deeply challenging circumstances in Haiti, Kenya, Nepal and Vanuatu to have better quality teaching, resourced classrooms, school uniforms, sports, science and computer programmes, and much, much more. Importantly, Purple Cake Day brings a connection for these children with a world beyond their own – a world that offers hope and inspiration for a better, more educated future with greater opportunities." Thank you for this opportunity and to all the people who have supported it.
This date kicks off our Purple Cake Day year 2018, please add it to your calendar now. And as always you can 'go purple' any day of the year that suits. Can't wait to hear what purple celebrations you get up to.

We would like to wish you, and all the children in our projects and around the world, a very safe and wonderful Christmas season. 

Emily and the team at Purple Cake Day
"Kids helping kids around the world"
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