Purple Cake Day Global Day of Action, 7 March 2014!

Yes, it's almost that time!

Purple Cake Day is on it's way and it's time to think about going PURPLE!!
Last year you all did an amazing job celebrating and raising money in all sorts of creative ways to make a real
difference in the lives of children in Haiti, Nepal and Kenya.
This year, let's do it again!

Which countries are we supporting this year?

We thought about this a lot. And we talked to the projects we helped last year in Haiti, Nepal and Kenya. And we decided the best way to help children get the education they need to change their lives is to KEEP supporting them.
These projects are really great projects. We believe in them. And we know there is direct benefit going to children in need. So by sustaining our support to the same projects in 2014, we are investing in long-term change for the children in these countries - giving them the chance to create a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Can I find out more about the projects?

YES! From now until 7 March we will be putting the spotlight on our three partner projects. We'll have photos and videos and stories from the children about the challenges they face, what their daily lives are like, as well as the positive progress being made by these inspirational projects. Check out our WEBSITE and stay glued to our FACEBOOK for updates.

Are You Going Purple?

As you know, Purple Cake Day is all about "kids helping kids". So we want to hear from YOU! What is your idea for going purple this year? We want to know!
Become a friend of Purple Cake Day on FACEBOOK and follow us on TWITTER @PurpleCakeDay to let us know what you are planning.

Purple Cake Day is Friday 7 March

But of course, you can celebrate, learn, fundraise and help other kids anytime during the year. So if 7 March doesn' t suit, you can "go purple" any day you like!
Let us know what you are planning. We'd love to hear from you!

“In a world full of despair and little hope for many children,
Purple Cake Day is a ray of sunshine”

- Patron, Dame Suzie Moncrieff
Founder of the World of WearableArt™Awards Show Awards

Go to our website for info | resources | music videos | FAQ’s & ideas on how to celebrate and get involved in Purple Cake Day

"Your support makes a difference in improving the lives of children with limited
or no access to quality education - Are you going Purple in 2014?"
Warm wishes from Emily and the Purple Cake Day team, Nelson, New Zealand
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