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We have reached three milestones in the life of Purple Cake Day

Firstly, eight years ago Purple Cake Day committed to seeing the Children of Haiti Project students through to Year 8 – this has been achieved with outstanding results! Moving forward, we would now like to support those students through to their high school graduation. More about that below.

Secondly, with much anticipation First Steps Himalaya have launched 'Wishes for Nepal' – a fundraiser unique to their project. This will be their stand alone kids fundraiser with activities focussed on Nepal and their projects. 

And thirdly, 14 of the 15 students we supported through the Hilde Back Education Fund in Kenya, have now completed 4 years of Secondary school and the final student will graduate in 2019. Many of these students have gone on to continue their studies at university. 

What this means for you is that from 2019 onwards Purple Cake Day and Kenbe La Foundation will focus solely on supporting the Children of Haiti Project. And Wishes for Nepal (run by First Steps Himalaya) will focus on their projects in Nepal. This is exciting news for both charities!

To continue to provide the Haiti children with the same high standard of education as in their first 8 years, there is a lot of work to be done and resources to be provided. So we would love you to stay involved with our project and continue to support this life-changing opportunity.

2018 Results
If you missed it in our last newsletter, Purple Cake Day raised NZ$26,653.38 in 2018, of which we have been able to award the following grants to our fantastic project partners:
First Steps Himalaya Nepal = $14,356.38
Children of Haiti Project Haiti = $11,297
Hilde Back Education Fund Kenya = $1000
Children of Haiti Project & Kenbe La Foundation
Just weeks after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti the Children of Haiti Project was set up. The aim: to take children living in severe poverty in a tent camp with very limited or no previous access to schooling, and provide them with good quality education through to Year 8 level – an opportunity that would be given to an average child in New Zealand.   

The following year (2011) the Kenbe La Foundation came on board to help this dream come through. The outstanding success of the project has seen the school commit to taking the children right through to graduation, and Kenbe La aims to continue as a part of that. It depends, of course, on the continuing generosity of our supporters.  

In September this year the COHP School opened its doors for their 9th year of providing life-changing education, with 54 fulltime diploma-seeking students super excited to commence the next stage of their educational pathways. Bear in mind that the average level of education for the parents is about two years, and it becomes clear that the children have already been educated far beyond their parents and have the potential to reach the otherwise unimaginable goal of a secondary school graduation!

Now for a few snippets from a recent external review of the school:

  • A Students’ Summer Enrichment Programme was offered by the school over their recent summer break and 84% of the students volunteered to attend the educational and nutritional opportunities!  Sadly, three of those not able to attend returned for the new school year requiring medical attention for acute malnutrition. 
  • Due to the physical growth of the students the desks, chairs and tables need to be enlarged. The plan is that this be done with the help of the carpentry supervisor and some older students – an innovative and very economical way to solve the problem.
  • One-third of the students live in atrocious home conditions, often in dangerous neighbourhoods with physical abuse and acute food shortages. Consequently the school is again providing Monday to Thursday nights dorm accommodation for protective and nutritional reasons. As well as enabling better rest, this provides opportunity for mentoring and assistance with homework.  
  • Extra-Curricula Instruction is provided in areas of general and sexual health, sexual awareness, psychological challenges facing youth, CPR and appreciation for the less fortunate who are in need of special assistance.  
  • An Adult Education Programme for parents and close friends attracts 40 – 45 participants for three nights a week. This includes sewing and other crafts, parenting skills, and female empowerment which assists with recognising abuse and the pathways for reporting to social and protection agencies. 
  • Extraordinary leadership of the school continues to be provided by the COHP Director, Dominique Pierre, described by her peers as tenacious, innovative and fearless!

The COHP School is literally the difference between life and death for some of the students. 

“The entire family of the Children of Haiti Project remains supremely grateful to EVERYONE who historically or currently has enabled COHP to be created and to remain viable. Merci Beaucoup!”

NEPAL: Changing lives one classroom at a time 
First Steps Himalaya is launching a new fundraising campaign that they've been working hard on over the last few months. Wishes for Nepal encompasses all that First Steps Himalaya stands for: creating well-resourced, child-friendly classrooms; training teachers to become skilled and passionate; and educating children through developmentally and culturally appropriate classes. Find out more on their website.

As Nicky observed:  "It was such an honour to go and work alongside Nepali teachers to share some of my own teaching practice. I was touched by the responses of a group of older ladies to the use of paint in visual art...I virtually had to wrestle the paint brushes out of their hands at the end of the session! It occurred to me that these ladies had probably had very little childhood themselves and so, without help, how can they hope to offer a childhood to the children that sit in their classrooms?"

The second training programme was held in Sangachok in October and attended by 19 teachers from Purple Cake Day supported schools.

"First Steps Himalaya is extremely grateful for the support of Purple Cake Day since 2012 and will continue to spend remaining funds raised on the projects we have begun."


"Through this programme, I learnt that charity begins at home, and eventually ends where it began. Helping potential needy individuals to reach their dreams has been one of my dreams too." – Brian Wafula

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude (and also my parents') for enabling me to pursue high school at a very prestigious Alliance Girls' High School. It has been a tough journey...but I knew that Hilde Back Organisation was one of my greatest cheerleaders." – Fedelise Gatwiri

"I would like to thank my sponsor, Purple Cake Day for sponsoring me for four years. I lack words to show how grateful I am. I plan to pursue a course maybe in medical engineering, geospatial engineering or science nursing. Any of the three I can do." – Augustine Kahuthu

Thank you so much for your continued support of Purple Cake Day and Kenbe La Foundation and all our project partners. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and brand new year. We'll be in touch in 2019.
Emily and the Team at Purple Cake Day
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