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With the new year kicking off and classroom plans being prepared, we wanted to remind you that a Purple Cake Day event could tick some boxes in your curriculum

Do you have a group of older students who would like to organise a Purple Cake Day event as a project? Or alongside a group of younger students? Or as a class social studies unit? How could a Purple Cake Day event benefit your students

Find inspiration to these questions on our website. We're not just about cakes! 

How others are using Purple Cake Day in schools
We loved hearing about the Interact Club at Queens High School in Otago – who climbed as many steps as Mt Everest is high – as a fund-(and awareness)-raiser for Nepal. They even teamed up with other high schools and were featured on local TV! 

And how Nelson Central School celebrated with a 'Purple Wheels Fundraiser' where students could dress up and pay a gold coin to ride their "wheels" at lunchtime (bikes, rollerskates, skateboards), followed by a trip to the library to hear stories about kids in countries they had raised money for.

We are gathering ideas of what schools are doing, so please let us know what you're up to and we can add it to the list to inspire others.

UN Global Goals
Is your school looking at the UN Sustainable Development Global Goals this year? Purple Cake Day is an ideal way for children to connect meaningfully with these Goals. It's fun, creative, hands-on, and can "stimulate critical thinking and discussion relevant to key competencies". 

Wait, there's more! Free Classroom Resources
Purple Cake Day Classroom Resources are multilevel, multidisciplinary and designed to be adaptable and flexible enough for teachers in any school, anywhere. Please take from them freely, and tailor the contents to your own requirements. More resources and posters will be added as the year goes on.

A couple of answers we liked from our recent survey
What is your favourite part of Purple Cake Day?
"How happy it makes the kids to be involved."

Why Purple Cake Day?
"I chose it for the school as it is child-centered / for children, so it has a good message of helping others of a similar age."

We'd love to hear from you if you hold a Purple event or any ways that Purple Cake Day has worked for you. We're always looking for ways to inspire others. 

All the best for planning the new year. It's an amazing job that you do for our young people.

Emily and the Purple Cake Day team
"Kids helping kids"

Want to get involved?
Friday 18
 March is our '2016 Global Day of Action'. 
This kicks off the purple year, but you can 'go purple' any day that suits you or your school throughout the year.

And remember: Events can be as creative or straightforward as you like, from purple cupcake stalls, to craft projects, to research blogs, to individuals organising their own triathlon or outdoor achievement goals. Have fun!
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