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We Want Options Not Drones

A few weeks ago the Florida Department of Transportation spoke to leaders in Hillsborough County about their priorities for the region. They began the presentation talking about the need for more transportation choices.
But, there were more drones in their presentation than choices for people. Yep, flying drones were presented as part of a “bold” vision. But no mention of rail transit, walking or biking for Tampa bay. Not even a PowerPoint slide, throwaway line, or cartoon.
The message from Tallahassee’s transportation leaders is clear: Even drones are more important than providing real transportation options.
We have a chance to comment on FDOT’s vision on November 4th at the next Hillsborough public meeting – but we don’t want to wait that long we want to action now as well.
Take a minute now to tell FDOT we want more options, not drones. We’ll also send your message to local leaders and ask them to stand up for options as well. Add your name right now. 
To be fair, FDOT did discuss these issues later when Mayor Buckhorn asked if leaders in Tallahassee have something against rail transit – to which he admitted of course not.
We know that. FDOT has taken charge of building and operating Sunrail in Orlando, funded streetcars in Ft. Lauderdale, and is helping All Aboard Florida make it’s way from Miami to Orlando.
They have committed over $8 billion in revenue to a project in the most congested corridor in Orlando that includes every option: car, express lanes, bus, rail, bike, and even walking.
It’s in Tampa Bay where they ignore these options. They have committed 10 times less money and given us 3 fewer options in our most congested corridor. FDOT talks about options but has no plans for getting Tampa Bay there.
But they do have a vision that includes drones.
It’s time for FDOT to hear from you about how ridiculous this all is. Set your calendar to attend the meeting on November, 4 and add your name to our message to FDOT right now: less talk about drones; more funding for options. 
Right now our local leaders are listening and we need you to stand up and make your voice heard now. Over the next few months they will be making decisions in Hillsborough and putting Greenlight Pinellas on the ballot.
It’s our job to make sure that our local; leaders are united in demanding FDOT give us the same options they are committed to across the state. Please forward this email to everyone you know in Tampa Bay and add their name too. This is just common sense.
Thank your support.
Kevin Thurman
Executive Director
Connect Tampa bay
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