Hanover® collaborates with
DAVID RUBIN Land Collective on Cummins DBU Headquarters

Cummins Distribution Headquarters
301 E Market Street
Indianapolis, IN 

Creating projects of true distinction takes the collaboration of an entire team. Hanover® Architectural Products is proud to have been chosen as part of the team for Cummins Distribution Headquarters. 

"I am Cummins. You can depend on me." This message is displayed on one of the walkway ceilings of the new Cummins DBU Headquarters campus. As you can depend on Cummins, DAVID RUBIN Land Collective knows you can depend on Hanover® Pavers when the stakes are high. Land Collective was directly selected by Cummins, Inc. to serve as Landscape Architect for the headquarters' green space known as Cummins Green. The DBU Headquarters building, designed by Deborah Berke and Partners in collaboration with RATIO Architects, and Land Collective's Cummins Green transforms an entire 4-acre block in downtown Indianapolis.

The design of the Green focuses on gathering people throughout a variety of environments in multiple outdoor areas, complementing Cummins' contemporary business format - flexible areas to work, to think, to collaborate and communicate. The paving pattern is inspired by DBP's "calibrated" building facade, as well as a nod to Cummins' extraordinary diesel engine designs utilized in racing, among other motor arenas - the dark and light panels inference the win of a racing flag. Within the panels, Land Collective pixelated the tones utilizing computer codes for paver distribution to create this unique plaza. Knowing that Hanover® would eagerly accept the challenge of producing the exact shades of gray this project required, DAVID RUBIN Land Collective chose to use Hanover® Traditional® 4" x 8" Prest Brick
in five custom colors and one standard color with a Square Edge Tudor finish throughout the plaza
and walkways. The plaza connects with the Indianapolis Cultural Trail along the western edge.
Hanover® Asphalt Block is the primary paving material used throughout this extraordinary Indianapolis amenity.

Cummins, Inc., the developers of extraordinary diesel engines and associated technologies, desired the ability to showcase their products on the plaza from time to time. Hanover® Prest® Brick provide the high ASTM values for Point Load this project requires, insuring there would be no paver failure under the heavy weight conditions. 

In the end, collaboration and teamwork of all those involved created a project of true distinction. The modern design is a result of a successful creative process between Deborah Berke and Partners, RATIO Architects, DAVID RUBIN Land Collective, and the use of Hanover® Pavers.

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