Hanover® collaborates with
Copley-Wolff Design Group on 101 Seaport

101 Seaport
Seaport Square
Boston, MA

Creating projects of true distinction takes the collaboration of an entire team. Hanover® Architectural Products is proud to have been chosen as part of the team for the 101 Seaport.  

101 Seaport is a project unique in concept and installation. The designers at Copley-Wolff Design Group were challenged with a project that would ultimately become a mixed use facility to accommodate both commercial and residential concerns, in on-grade and elevated areas. Functionality, performance and aesthetics were all taken into consideration when selecting paving materials.
Working with Hanover® during the selection process, designers ultimately chose to incorporate multiple custom and standard color Prest® Brick into the on-grade area. In order to achieve the subtle tone variations, Hanover® 6” x 12” x 3” and 4” x 8” x 3” Prest® Brick in four custom colors and one standard color were selected. The chosen color pallet suited the site and surrounding amenities and complimented the building’s crisp design features as well. A 12” x 12” Prest® Paver was also incorporated to separate a permeable paver area.
To further challenge the design team and installer, Xquisite Landscaping, a section of Hanover® Permeable Pavers had to be integrated into the finished design. Hanover’s Permeable 4” x 8” x 3” was chosen in a custom color.
When turning the attention to the elevated plaza and green roof, Hanover’s Roof Pavers in a nominal 24” x 24” x 2” size in a standard color Charcoal and custom color Glacier White were selected. Hanover’s Glacier White provided the needed SRI values for achieving a LEED accreditation.
In the end, the collaboration and teamwork of all those involved created a project of true distinction that compliments the surrounding environment and can be enjoyed by both building occupants and the casual passer by.

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