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The National Museum of Australia recently held a fascinating exhibition, 'A History of the World in 100 Objects from the British Museum'. Item 99 was a replica shirt of Chelsea FC, a Russian-owned club sponsored by a Korean company, bearing the name of Didier Drogba, an Ivory Coast footballer who grew up in France. The fake was made in Indonesia and sold in Peru.

The shirt was chosen because it and football represent, "a connection with almost every continent on the planet ... a truly global phenomenon played across an interconnected world." Ignoring the counterfeiting issue, global cooperation and trade are the best road out of poverty for billions of poor people. Closing borders and 'deglobalisation' will not make the world a better place.

With geopolitics driving markets, Donald Trump is clearly the main event of 2017. Miles Staude explains the President's appeal for business, but warns that reality must catch up with hope for the optimism to deliver.

On the new super rules, Monica Rule says there are two applications of the $1.6 million transfer balance cap, including where no further non-concessional contributions can be made.

It's not all bad news on the revised rules, and Graeme Colley looks beyond 1 July 2017 to a couple of favourable ways to manage super.

Last week, Treasurer Scott Morrison made a passionate speech to a G20 meeting in Germany in favour of Australia leading as a fintech country, and Mary Paterson examines the opportunities.

Being the executor of a will where you are not a beneficiary is a thankless task, and Donal Griffin explains the pitfalls and alternatives.

Jeremy Duffield believes every super fund member should have tools which estimate likely outcomes in retirement, and the current focus on yearly performance is misplaced.

Jason Sedawie shows how fund managers find inspiration in unusual places, in an industry where chasing alpha requires creative thinking that does not mirror everyone else.

The White Paper from AMP Capital is a study on gender diversity and the benefits for decision-making and investment management. Asset consultant Willis Towers Watson recently announced they will require fund managers to provide gender data before they allocate new money in future.

Graham Hand, Managing Editor
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Newsletter Edition 188, 3 February 2017

How Trump drives high business expectations
by Miles Staude
US small business expectations are high under a Trump presidency but reality and fundamentals rather than sentiment will need to kick-in soon to justify recent market gains. Read more…

Navigating super law changes with confidence
by Monica Rule
SMSF trustees and other people with large super balances should realise there are two applications of the $1.6 million transfer balance cap, and final opportunities to grow retirement savings in the most tax-effective way. Read more…

New super doors opening from 1 July 2017
by Graeme Colley
A positive development from recent super changes is the lifting of current restrictions on claiming tax deductions for personal super contributions and a flexible carry-forward rule. Read more…

Fintech platforms disrupting business finance
by Mary Paterson
As fintech funding platforms and instant payment systems grow, small businesses will benefit from greater choice and bargaining power when it comes to obtaining finance and managing cashflows. Read more…

Careless estate planning: how artists can lose their legal voice
by Donal Griffin
Using the example of an artist’s body of work being highly sought-after once the artist dies highlights the importance of appointing the right executors – ones that will handle your affairs the way you intended. Read more…

Superannuation needs greater outcomes focus
by Jeremy Duffield
Superannuation funds have too much emphasis on short-term performance and they need more focus on outcome-based objectives. Members deserve a better idea of their likely income in retirement. Read more…

Unusual trends give investing tailwinds
by Jason Sedawie
Two strong trends at the moment centre around our increasing addiction to the selfie and online gaming. These major global themes also have related investment opportunities. Read more…

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Gender diversity: The real reason we are still talking about it

As recently as the 1990s, all-male boards were accepted as the norm. This has changed and improving gender diversity has progressed beyond being ‘right’ to being the ‘smart’ and ‘necessary’ thing to do. Read more.
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