October 2015
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I lose stuff all the time. I build an extra five minutes into my morning routine to ensure I have time to find my keys. This past week I’ve been checking around under tables and beds, in closets and desks, and still can’t figure out where I misplaced summer. It seems impossible that fall has officially started, however there are plenty of reasons to look forward to the leaves turning and colder weather coming back. Two events in particular are at the top of the list of happenings that you can use to showcase your community businesses and support their success.

The first is Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), held November 16-22. GEW is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and bring vibrancy to communities. Last year, over 40,000 entrepreneurial events were hosted over a 7-day period across the world, and we’d like to see our Iowa communities help boost those numbers.

By hosting an event or activity during Global Entrepreneurship Week, you can have a positive – and potentially life-changing – impact on aspiring entrepreneurs, starting them on the road from concept to launch. As a Resource Partner, be innovative and create entrepreneurial events in your own back yard. You can start big or simply dip your toe in – there are many different ideas for events you could host, or use existing events and give them your own GEW community feel! While geared to startups, events can, and should, involve all of your local businesses, and the activities you plan help to recognize and celebrate the contributions made to your community by your local entrepreneurs. Feel free to contact us for help or ideas, or do some sleuthing on the GEW website for a feel of what other communities around the world are doing this year, and in past years. And of course, don’t forget to post your events on the IASourceLink Calendar of Events so we can help you get the word out!

And while we don’t’ want to rush in the holiday season quite yet, a second event to start planning for now is Small Business Saturday, held on November 28. The first Small Business Saturday took place in November 2010, and over the past few years has grown to become an economic boon to thousands of businesses and communities that have participated in promoting shopping small and local as a new holiday tradition. As a Resource Partner, lead the charge or collaborate with your provider peers to become community and regional champions to promote shopping locally this year! And speaking of the holiday season, check out the blog below for tips you can share with local businesses on prepping for a great holiday sales season! Now, where did I put those car keys….?

-Amy Kuhlers, Program Manager and Network Builder, IEDA
By Debi Durham via Iowa Economic Development Authority
October is National Manufacturing Month, and while we celebrate our strong manufacturing base in Iowa every day, this gives us a special reason to recognize those organizations that help keep our state’s economy strong and competitive. As I travel across Iowa, I’m continually impressed by the innovative technologies utilized by so many of our state’s manufacturing sector – and this pertains to companies both large and small.  Many times when we think of a manufacturing company, we may visualize a large organization employing hundreds of people.  
Iowa Center for Economic Success Ups the Ante- for Small Business
By Amelia Lobo via the Iowa Center for Economic Success
Over 90% of Iowa businesses gross under $1,000,000. These businesses are our main street retailers and restaurants as well as our bakers, grocers, craftspeople, accountants, lawyers, and artists. At the Iowa Center for Economic Success (formerly ISED Ventures), we are dedicated to working specifically with these small businesses.
Grants Through the Iowa Student Internship Program
By Jennifer Meier via IEDA
Are you interested in connecting with young talent with a fresh perspective? The Iowa Student Internship Program is your chance to work with emerging leaders, by providing students with hands-on work experience. It’s also a great opportunity for your company to see their skills and talents in action
Is Your Business "Ready for the Holidays?"
By Jim Thompson via Main Street Iowa
As you’re reading this the fourth quarter will be upon us. I know you really don’t want to think about it but you must prepare. Actually your customers really don’t want to think about the approaching Christmas season either. Believe it or not you actually have a great deal of control whether this Christmas is a boon or bust to your business. By starting now there are some things you can do to help you get a jump on your competition and bring shoppers through your doors.
ECICOG's Loan Funds: Funding to Help Businesses Grow
By Robyn Jacobson via East Central Iowa Council of Governments
If you are aware of a business that needs help getting off the ground or needs assistance in acquiring a loan to expand, the East Central Iowa Council of Governments (ECICOG) may be able to help. ECICOG not only manages its own revolving loan fund but also administers a variety of local loan programs. 
10 Free Learning Resources
By Valyn Reinig
You’re never too old to learn new things, right? With school just beginning, we’ve pulled together some helpful learning resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs to check out. So hit the books, or in some cases your laptop, and take a few minutes to learn a new skill that can benefit you both personally and professionally.
Are you interested in becoming a ginseng dealer? A timber buyer? Do you want to start an aquaculture business? If you have what you think is an unusual business venture that you are trying to start, but are unsure of the licensing requirements to get your business up and running, do you know where to turn for information?

The Business License Information Center (BLIC) has the answer(s) you need to get your business properly licensed and registered, so you can start your new business venture. You can access the BLIC online web portal, which is housed on the IASourceLink website, to determine what licenses and/or permits you will need to be compliant with the state of Iowa. The portal is searchable by agency, frequently requested licenses or by keyword search.

After visiting the BLIC website, and your still not sure what is required, you can contact the BLIC Program Manager, Christine Cavil at or by calling 800.532.1216 to get the answers to your licensing question(s).
From Farm Girl to Entrepreneur:
What I've Learned Along the Way
Brenda Clark-Hamilton

October 15th | Noon-1pm
IA & SD Tax issues for Construction Contractors
Terry O'Neill & Adam Maska
October 21 | 11:30am-1pm
Dream Big Grow Here:
Application Tips & Tricks
Patrick Luensmann
November 12 | Noon-1pm
Tri-State IA, SD, & NE Sales/Use Tax Basics
Terry O'Neill
November 18 | 11:30am-1pm
October 7 
ICCE Fall Conference
Clear Lake, IA

October 14 
Women in Business Forum
Cedar Falls, IA

October 21
Innovation Expo
Coralville, IA

October 24
Midwest Social Media Summit
Mason City, IA

November 5
ISA Launch Day
Cedar Rapids, IA

November 16-22
Global Entrepreneurship Week

November 21
Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit
Ankeny, IA

November 28
Small Business Saturday
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