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March 2nd Board Preview
Financial issues will be the predominant theme of the Tuesday March 2nd (6:00 PM) Hobart Village Board meeting. The evening will begin with a public hearing on implementing the Local Annual Adjustment Policy and establishing the 2021 sewer volume rates. Following the hearing, the Board will vote on a proposed nine (9) percent ($0.64 per 1,000 gallons) increase in sewer volume rates and establish a new sewer volume rate of $7.68 per 1,000 gallons effective immediately. With an average quarterly residential consumption in 2020 of 12,000 gallons per household, the rate increase impact is $7.68 per quarter and $30.72 annually. The new rates would go into effect, if approved, beginning with the first quarter sewer billing. The Board will also hear a presentation from Brian Della (PMA Securities) on two proposed borrowings for later this spring. The debt consists of $4,485,000 G.O. Notes ($2,720,000 for 2021 Interchange project & North Overland Road improvements, $1,605,000 to refinance 2011-A Bonds for savings, and $160,000 to refinance 2010-A Bonds for modest savings) and $2,340,000 Taxable G.O. Notes ($1,625,000 to refinance 2017B Taxable Notes (balloon payment) and $715,000 for Developer Incentive Payment). Following the presentation, the Board will take action on two resolutions to move forward with the borrowing.
Bids for several scheduled 2021 Capital projects, including the repaving of Cyrus Road and the paving of the temporary bypass road for the North Overland Road project, were opened on Friday February 12th. Due to the favorable results of the bids, staff will present some additional projects for the Board to consider and approve – including the striping of North Overland Road (Trout Creek to Centennial Centre Roundabout), repaving a portion of North Pine Tree Road (Sunbeam to end of previous project) and an additional 15 stormwater inlet repairs /replacements in Thornberry Creek subdivision on top of the 15 that were originally planned. The Board will also take action on the 2020 Final Amended Budgets for the General Fund and Debt Service Funds. The Village’s auditors have provided a draft of the 2020 audit, which, while not the final, allows the administration to do a final amendment of the 2020 financials to allocate a portion of the 2020 General Fund surplus to several other funds in the budget (Capital Projects and Debt Service).
The Board will take action on the Brown County 2021-2022 Property Tax Bill Preparation Agreement (With Mailing Option), after voting on a resolution expressing their disapproval of the recent decision by Brown County Treasurer Paul Zeller that the Brown County Treasurer’s Office will no longer be collecting the first installment or payment in full property tax payments for 2021 taxes payable in 2022. The Board will also act on a resolution supporting the creation of a NEW Water Municipal Committee. This resolution is being presented at the request of the Village of Suamico. They have held several meetings in the past few months with other local municipalities on this issue and have approved this resolution. Suamico officials have pointed out that similar Brown County entities (e.g., Central Brown County Water Authority, Room Tax Commission) have direct municipal representation. This change, proposed by the resolution, would not change the governing structure of NEW Water – it simply provides municipalities the ability to have a voice on the five-person Board of Commissioners advocating on behalf of the municipalities. One ordinance is scheduled for action - to eliminate the requirement of having a permit to operate or maintain a pen, coop, cote, or other structure for the purpose of keeping or raising of pigeons.
In personnel matters, the Board will take part in the swearing in of Chris Tremel as Hobart-Lawrence Police Sergeant. Tremel is currently the K-9 officer for the department. The Board will act on the appointment  of an Acting Municipal Court Judge. Hobart-Lawrence Municipal Judge Ronald Van Lanen has submitted his resignation, effective February 22nd 2021. The Board has the authority to appoint an acting judge to serve until a special election is held in April 2022. That election will fill the position through the regular general election, scheduled for April 2024.
Tuesday March 16th 2021 (6:00 PM) – Regular Board Meeting at Village Office
* Wednesday April 7th 2021 (6:00 PM) – Regular Board Meeting at Village Office
Tuesday April 20th 2021 (6:00 PM) – Regular Board Meeting at Village Office
* - Moved due to the Spring Primary Election
MARCH 2, 2021 - 6:00 P.M. - 2990 S PINE TREE RD.
The Hobart Village Board will hold a public hearing on March 2, 2021 at 6:00 pm. at the Village Office, 2990 S. Pine Tree Rd, Hobart, WI for the purpose of receiving public input on a proposed increase in sewer volume rates in accordance with a Village policy put in place to address increased rates from the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District, Village operating costs, debt service, budget increases, and capital projects.
The new sewer volume rate as calculated by the Local Annual Adjustment Policy is summarized as follows:
  1. What is the GBMSD percentage rate passed on to Hobart customers and what is its effective date?
    1. 10.1% increase effective January 1, 2021.
  2. How much more money is required in 2021 to cover GBMSD costs, operating costs, debt service, budget increases, and capital projects?
    1. $85,683.51
  3. What is the required Village utility volume percentage rate needed to accommodate the cost increase?
    1. 9% - this equates to an increase of $0.64/1,000 gallons used.
  4. What is the quarterly and annual financial impact, expressed as a dollar amount, for the average residential sewer utility customer?
    1. Average quarterly residential consumption in 2020 was 12,000 gallons.
    2. Average residential impact is $7.68 per quarter and $30.72 annually.
  5. What is the date (quarter/year) the new local utility rates will go into effect?
    1. Rates will go into effect beginning with the first quarter sewer billing of 2021.
All interested parties are invited to attend this hearing.
The Annual Adjustment Memorandum, including the above rate calculation method, will be available at the Village Office for public inspection starting February 9, 2021.  Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The Village Board will take comments from the public and may act on the proposed sewer rates immediately following the public hearing.
A big thank you to the Pulaski School District for highlighting the crosswalk improvements at Hillcrest Elementary School - a partnership between the School District and the Village - in the February edition of the Pulaski Community School District Newsletter - The Raider Report.
Hobart in the News
April Election
The Spring Election is on Tuesday, April 6th this year.

If you would like to vote absentee, you have 2 different options:
  • Absentee by Mail: Absentee by mail applications must be resubmitted annually. If you would like to vote by mail, please request your ballot at The deadline to request a ballot by mail is 5pm on April 1st.
  • In-Person Absentee Voting: In-person absentee voting will be taking place from March 23rd - April 2nd, Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm at the Village Office (2990 S Pine Tree Rd)
If you would like to vote on election day, the polls will be open from 7am - 8pm.  If you are a Hobart resident, your polling place is St. Joseph's Church (145 St. Joseph Drive).
Dog Licenses
Please remember that your dog must be licensed annually per State Law.  The deadline to renew your dog's license is March 31st!  If you still need to renew your dog license, please fill out THIS FORM and send it to the Village Office (2990 S Pine Tree Road, Hobart WI 54155) along with a copy of your dogs current rabies vaccination certificate, the appropriate fee, and a self-addressed return envelope.
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