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By Tina Tamboer, November 5th, 2013
We need 250 votes to qualify!!  The Cromford Report has applied for one of the J.P. Morgan Chase Mission Main Street Grants. Only 12 small businesses nationwide will be chosen for these $250,000 grants. 

We have big goals at The Cromford Report and this grant would put us on the fast track for new product lines, a sweet new website and upgraded software to better meet the research needs of the Phoenix real estate industry. Of course, we will continue to work towards these goals without the grant... but wouldn't it be cool if Michael Orr got it?


Market Summary

By Michael Orr, written November 1st, 2013
The change in market balance accelerated during October reaching a shocking pace we almost never see. Only in the second half of 2005 have we seen demand drop at this exceptional speed. Those who think this is just a seasonal effect are mistaken. Demand has been falling dramatically for the past 3 months and October saw that rate increase rather than moderate. The market is already in the balanced zone where the Cromford Market Index™ lies between 90 and 110. It is currently above 100 but the 90's are only about a week away. The pace may yet moderate but at the present rate of change we will be under 90 and in a true buyer's market by the time we reach December. The cooling market is turning positively chilly for sellers, many of whom will find it hard to believe.  Click and read the rest of November's Market Summary.

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New Subscriber?

By Tina Tamboer:
New subscribers often tell us that with so many charts to choose from on our website, it's hard to determine where to start.  Our new Jump Start Guide provides some guidance for which charts to use for listing presentations, newsletters, postcards, and blogs. 
Click HERE to download the guide now.

Upcoming Classes!

By Tina Tamboer:
The Cromford Report is proud to announce our affiliation with Desert Sage Seminars and the launch of our new renewal hour classes for Cromford subscribers only!  "The Housing Market Explained" will be taught by Mike Orr and Tina Tamboer to teach agents about the 8 indicators to watch for market shifts.  Our first classes are scheduled at WeMAR and PAR on January 28th and February 13th, 2014 with more to come!
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