To Comfort always, to Relieve often, to Save sometimes
Dear Friends and Supporters,

Spring is in full bloom here in Beijing. This month we’ve seen some beautiful weather, the kids have begun shedding some of their layers and are getting to be outside on almost a daily basis. Blue skies are rare here in Beijing and we take every opportunity to be outside. We are grateful for the reminders we are given in spring of newness blooming and things that were dead coming back to life. Although this has been a difficult month for us, we believe that in this season, God is doing a new work here at New Hope and we look forward with anticipation to seeing what unfolds.
Many of you may have read our recent appeal for funds to keep our Beijing Center viable. We have had some heartwarming responses to this appeal. One of them that touched me deeply was from a local friend and pharmacist whom I have known for about 20 years and worked with briefly in a medical capacity many years ago. He said, “It is my true privilege to be endowed with the opportunity to make a trivial contribution. Despite the fact that I am not a Christian, you and Robin are the incarnation of Him on earth and a great inspiration to me. I sincerely hope the current challenges facing your institution will be overcome rapidly.” This came out of the blue and brought me to tears. It is heartwarming to know that so many people care deeply about us and what we do. Even a child as young as 7 years old is learning to knit to sell items to try to help us. Thank you ‘Lia. You are a very special little angel.
Despite the difficulties we are currently facing, we know that He goes before us to show us the way, behind us to protect us, and beside us to hold us up when we feel unable to stand strong. This ministry belongs to Him and we are only His servants. Servants do not question their Master. They just obey. Whatever changes He plans for us, we will continue to serve Him in whatever capacity we can until we are physically unable to do so.
This month we’d like to welcome two new long-term volunteers, Chloe and Mariah, who will each be here to help us for 2 months. Chloe volunteered with us two years ago and we are glad for her return.
                                Chloe with Simeon                           Mariah with Kael
On a personal note, I have been in Malaysia during the whole month of March to be with our daughter Amber who is now in her final year of Medical school. With her husband being away in Hawaii on business, she needed her Mom to be with her. I was also able to see our son Adam and his family for about a week.  It was great to be with our children again. We see so little of them as they live on several different continents so any opportunity to be with them is such a blessing.

Amber and Adam
As we look forward to celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, we want to wish you and your loved ones a very happy Easter and say thank you for your continued prayers, love and support.
Quote: The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you and I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14

News of Hospitalizations and Surgeries

Anna, Cameron, Gemma, Lilyjoy, Liza, and Nathanael were sent from Beijing to Suzhou for cleft surgery with the Hong Kong MedArt team.  Addie, Amos, Cari, Eleanor, Hanani, Judy-Alexis, Justice, Kellan, Kiera, Leia, Ryker, Saige, Shiro, Suzy, Tillie, and Zach went to Suzhou from MBHOH for surgeries and complex testing also with the MedArt team.  Brice and Chaulteax were admitted and both needed urgent surgeries in Luoyang.  Dalton, Raines, Emee-Samantha, and Stella-Yasmine went for surgery with the Luoyang Women and Children’s Hospital.  Danielle needed to be hospitalized twice this month.  Donell and Garrick both needed hospitalization.  Ember was sent to surgery in Shanghai with AiYou Foundation.  Kenzli returned from the Beijing hospital then needed further inpatient treatment in Tianjin.  Kevin and Nura were sent for possible heart surgeries in Beijing.  Sarah needed to be hospitalized in Beijing.  Xenith went to Luoyang for surgery then returned to our Zhengzhou Special Care Unit.

News of Confirmed Adoptions and Our Hopes for Adoption

We are thrilled to report that Elliot, Harrell, James, Luis, Olive, Reese, Walden, and Yanni were all adopted.  Madeline was adopted into a local Chinese family.


News from Hope Healing Home in Beijing

Abigail and Kaden returned from surgery in Hong Kong doing very well.  XY Gang came back from MBHOH after finishing his treatment there.  Abigail-Dorcas, Anna-April, Eli-Dirk, Elizabeth-Stephanie, Gisela-Annalise, Herakles, Ian, Joy-Thornleigh, Kaden, Liza, Matthew-Wyler, Michael-Jax, Millie-Shirley, Moses-Yadiel, and Shepherd-Calen needed to go to MBHOH and to our Special Care Center in Zhengzhou.  Joanna, DR Long, Jade (WH Ling), and Poppy needed to return to their orphanages.

News from the four Special Care Centers in Henan Province

These centers provide humane and loving medical and hospice care for infants and young children with a range of congenital defects who many times are unlikely to survive under normal circumstances. Those who survive are great blessings.
1. Jiaozuo Show Hope Special Care Center

Madison was admitted.

2. Maria’s Big House of Hope in Luoyang, a Show Hope Special Care Center

Caden, Clint, Russ, and Ruthie were admitted.  Camry was transferred from Zhengzhou.  Emee-Samantha and Stella-Yasmine returned from Beijing Hope Healing Home.  Demetrius needed to return to his orphanage.  Brennan sadly passed away.

3. Xinyang Show Hope Special Care Center

Addie, Easley, and Ricky arrived back from MBHOH.

4. Zhengzhou Show Hope Special Care Center

Baron, Cari, Ellis, and Manning were admitted.  Graham returned from surgery doing well.  Mariana, Sloane, Tillie and Ynez returned from MBHOH.  We were sad to see that Declan needed to return to his orphanage.
Thanks and Needs

A special thanks to the UWCSEA student group from Singapore. This group came a few weeks ago on their Project Week to volunteer with our children, donate supplies and help with some projects around our facility.

We could still use small groups or individuals to come help with our kids' scrapbooks. These scrapbooks are given to families when children are adopted and are such a gift to the children as they grow older. If you live in Beijing, enjoy scrap-booking and can commit to coming on a weekly or monthly basis to help with this project, please email Rebecca Shook. All supplies are provided.
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Travelers Needed
We are in need of travelers from the US, UK and Australia to Beijing to help bring in much needed supplies for our children. None of these supplies are “restricted items” and do not have to be declared at customs. The items will be mailed to you within country. New Hope Foundation staff will be at the airport to pick up the supplies in Beijing. If you are able to help or know of other travelers who are willing to help please contact the following:

a) From the US: Rebecca Dorris, Tennessee, Phone: 615-371-5221

b) From the UK:  Jennifer Drake, Surrey

c) From Melbourne, Australia: Topsy D’Cruz  
Address: 18 Sassafras Dr, Lower Templestowe Victoria  3107, Australia
Phone: 03 98504339     Mobile: 0400 585 379

d) From Sydney, Australia: Susan Mukundan 
Phone:  02 94888101    Mobile:   0414 911 309