To Comfort always, to Relieve often, to Save sometimes
Dear Friends and Supporters,

Amongst other loving notes, flowers, messages, phone calls from my kids, staff and friends, I was sent this beautiful image that I would like to share with other mothers. Know that you are loved.

We were very pleased to be part of the beautiful wedding of Mike and Rebecca Shook that took place in our garden amongst the spring blossoms. Mike and Rebecca have worked with us and Show Hope for many years. It was a very special day for all of us.

Hope’s Heroes

Love Without Boundaries entrusted little Kylie Grace to our care after her surgery, when she was only one month old, weighing less than a newborn baby. In Africa they say “it takes a village to raise a child”. In our work here, it seems like it takes a village to “save” a child.  The Holmes family opened their home and their hearts to this beautiful little girl who began life as a child in great need.

To read more from Jamie, Karen and Aliza Holmes and see photos of their family, please click here.
Several children received surgeries this month, some of them for serious conditions. After much anxiety involved in trying to protect Myeisha from chickenpox which has been spreading through many orphanages around the country, we were finally able to get her on a flight to the US for further treatment for her cancer. Myeisha had undergone several rounds of chemotherapy so she was very vulnerable to any infections which could cause devastating complications. At least she is now in a safe place where her complex medical needs will be met. Maya was sent to Hong Kong for surgery. She has to undergo 3 surgeries. We are again grateful to MedArt for their help and for faithful Sylvia who came all the way from the UK to care for her. Mandy was sent to Suzhou for neurosurgery with Dr Yu of MedArt who also operated on Lahida whom we sent earlier. Laurence and Zoren had bowel surgery and Violet went to Hangzhou for urgent heart surgery and GL Zhong, Leah and Elimelech  were admitted for heart surgery in Beijing. Bric was sent urgently to Jinan for liver surgery. Lily-Mae was admitted to hospital for cleft lip surgery and she looks beautiful.
    Myeisha         Maya            Mandy          Lahida      Laurence       Zoren           Voilet
                         GL Zhong      Leah        Elimelech        Bric          Lily-Mae
 Hope Healing Home Beijing

Marco was transferred to Bejing for surgery at the United Family Hospital

Confirmed Adoptions and our Hopes for adoption:

Laney and Warren were adopted this month and will be in the same family. This amazing family is one of those very special people who adopt children with very high special needs. We were told that William and Damien have been adopted and twins Clint and Clark have also found their Forever Family. Clint and Clark have been in our care since they were 4 months old. Julio and Gavin were also picked up by their loving families.

     Laney       Warren     William     Damien       Clint and Clark           Julio          Gavin

The following children have been matched and should be with their families very soon.

                                      Eliezer          Elisa         Arrayah        Harith
Special Care Centers Jiaozuo, Luoyang, Xin Yang and Zhengzhou, Henan Province:.

These Centers provide humane and loving, hospice care for infants and young children with severe congenital defects who are unlikely to survive under normal circumstances. Those who survive are unexpected blessings.

Zhengzhou ( Show Hope Special Care Center)

Zola, Abilene and Yalissa were admitted this month

Xinyang ( Show Hope, Open Arms and Alexandria Yeo Special Care Center)

There were no new admissions to this Center this month. Jerri passed away  peacefully after a long illness from which he could not recover.

Luoyang (Maria’s Big House of Hope ) 
Lachlan and Paul passed away. Paul had been with us for 4 years since he was a premature 6 day old baby and was severely disabled. We are blessed to have been given the privileged for caring for this special boy.Vishnu was admitted but died after emergency surgery. She was only a few days old. We tried our best. 12 new babies were admitted this month.

Jiaozuo ( Show Hope Special Care Center) .

There were no new admissions to this Center this month

Love Without Boundaries Heartbridge Rehabilitation Unit (18 beds) 

Jenny was admitted to Suzhou under the care of a Urologist there who knows her problems well. This is the 5th hospital admission in the 6 months she has been with us. We are trying our best with her complicated issues. Colin had his last bowel surgery and is doing well so far. Jamie was adopted and Antonio was admitted. Harper passed away in hospital after heart surgery. Her heart defect was very complex

                           Jenny            Colin            Jamie         Antonio        Harper
Our Needs
With so many children needing surgery, we need help paying their hospital bills. We would appreciate any help in this area. Your gifts save lives. Please go to this link if you are able to help.

Prayer Request for the month:
Please pray for 3 of our children below who are undergoing chemotherapy for different types of cancers. Chemotherapy is not pleasant and it grieves us that they have to suffer.

                                                Tanner        Cheyne       Myeisha
Our Most Sincere Thanks:

1) To The Curie House of Harrow International School who had another successful year raising money for New Hope Foundation

2) To Drs Angermeier who responded to our request for funds for Cheyne’s eye surgery and for advocating for his adoption.

3) Capital Club Petroleum Committee Golf Tournament for raising funds for us.

4) To the ISB 5th graders ImPact Project who raised funds and bought many baby items for us.

5) To Dulwich College students had an Art Auction to raise funds for us.

6) To Thread Design sponsored a Marathon to raise funds for us

7) To WAB students who raised funds for cleft surgeries.
With our deepest gratitude,
Joyce and Robin Hill

“God often comforts us, not by changing the circumstances of our lives, but by changing our attitude towards them.”
- S.H.B. Masterman
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Travelers Needed
We are in need of travelers from the US, UK and Australia to Beijing to help bring in much needed supplies for our children. None of these supplies are “restricted items” and do not have to be declared at customs. The items will be mailed to you within the country. New Hope Foundation staff will be at the airport to pick up the supplies in Beijing. If you able to help or know of other travelers who are willing to help please contact   the following:

a) From the US: Rebecca Dorris, Tennessee, Phone 615-371-5221

b) From the UK:  Jennifer Drake, Surrey,

c) From Melbourne Australia: Topsy D’Cruz Email:  Address: 18 Sassafras Dr, Lower Templestowe Victoria  3107, Australia. Phone: 03 98504339 Mobile: 0400585379

d) From Sydney, Australia: Susan Mukundan Email:  Phone:  02 94888101    Mobile:   0414 911 309
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