To Comfort always, to Relieve often, to Save sometimes
Dear Friends and Supporters,

As the Hill family is on summer holiday, we will not be sending out our regular newsletter this month. We will resume our regularly scheduled newsletter in August which will include all happenings, updates and baby movements from July and August.

We would, however, like to share one bit of great news from this month. Many of you may be familiar with Paul (pictured above), who's been with us since he was a baby. If you've ever visited our Beijing home, you've undoubtedly met him. We are happy to announce that Paul left our care this month to be united with his forever family. Although his presence and big personality will be greatly missed here, we rejoice that he is finally with his family! It is moments like these that are such a clear reminder and encouragement to keep pressing on, even when things get tough.

With Sincere Thanks from the New Hope Foundation Staff