To Comfort always, to Relieve often, to Save sometimes
Dear friends and supporters,

First of all, as 2014 draws to an end we would like to thank you all for your help in providing for the babies that we care for here in China. Without you we would not have been able to see so many get the surgeries they need and the loving care that we strive to give them.

We have come to a difficult time at the end of this year as donations for the Beijing center have fallen short this year by around US$200,000. This combined with a number of expensive surgeries in December, have put us in a difficult place financially. Amongst others, one little baby needed a liver transplant to save her life. Because we had to pay for all these medical expenses in advance, it has used up all our cash reserves. It also meant that we needed to borrow funds from a friend for a couple of weeks to pay an electricity bill (6 months US$25,000) for our Beijing center. This came in during December and they said they would cut off our power supply if we did not pay straightaway. Joyce and I had already put all of our personal available cash to help cover the short fall.

Can we ask you to prayerfully consider your support for the work here in China as we go into the New Year? We really need your help to both build up the reserves that we had for medical expenses and the running costs in our Beijing center. As you know, it is uncommon for us to make an appeal like this and we are trusting that God will provide as He has during the last 16 years. We believe He has not finished with the plans that He has to care for the “Least of the Least” here in China.

This month we’d also like to say thank you and goodbye to the Hansen family, pictured below. Karen Hansen has been a nurse at our Beijing home for the past 9 months. She came to China along with her husband Kelly and 4 daughters: Abby, Ellie, Ashley, and Emily. Their daughter Ashley was one of our babies; she was admitted to our first Hospice Center in Jiaozuo in 2004 at just a week old. It was such a blessing to see Ashley looking so well in this wonderful, loving family. They will be greatly missed and we hope they will return sometime in the future.

We’d like to leave you with a very sweet “gift” we received this month via a photo of one of our children who is now home with her forever family. Many of you might remember “Jessica” from Maria’s Big House of Hope (now Mae-Li). When asked what her Christmas wish was, here was her response:

Once again thank you all for all that you have done to help us with this work.

Yours Sincerely,

Robin and Joyce

Quote: “Who can add to Christmas? The perfect motive is that God so loved the world. The perfect gift is that He gave His only Son. The only requirement is to believe in Him. The reward of faith is that you shall have everlasting life.”
- Corrie Ten Boom
In 2014, at New Hope Foundation:

231 children were admitted in addition to over 100 internal transfers between units.
We saw 77 adoptions.
We were privileged to care for 74 children who passed away.
78 children needed to return to their orphanage.
93 hospitalizations were needed without surgical care.
175 surgeries were performed.
News of Hospitalizations and Surgeries
Andrew and FS Chun went for heart surgery in Beijing.  Sadly, Andrew passed away after surgery.  Deidre was sent to Zhengzhou for heart surgery.  Kenzli was sent to Tianjin for liver transplant surgery.  She came very close to not making it, but she received a match at just the right time.  Please pray for her recovery and for her this next year. 

Alvin was sent to the local hospital for further care.  Sadly he did not improve and died there.  Urijah needed to be admitted to the local hospital.  Charity, Eara, Huntley, and Mariana also needed to be hospitalized and returned to us doing better.  Kingston and Ricky went to the Children’s Hospital in Luoyang for surgery.
News of Confirmed Adoptions and Our Hopes for Adoption
Charlotte came through Beijing with her new family.  Audreylynn, Compton, Ethan, Peter, Quincy, Rachel, Sophie, Yvette, and Zak-Quinton all left us for adoption.  Gwen and Joshua were adopted into the same family.  We also found out that Hanley, Sherah, and Weilla had been adopted.  We are so pleased for all of them.
News from Hope Healing Home in Beijing
LC Ying, DFM Xian, and DFZ Bin were admitted.  Isabella returned from surgery in Suzhou.  Lorenz-Lincoln returned from heart surgery in Hong Kong.  ZM Bo returned from the local hospital.  HE Ming needed to leave our care. 
News from the four Special Care Centers in Henan Province
These centers provide humane and loving medical and hospice care for infants and young children with a range of congenital defects who many times are unlikely to survive under normal circumstances.  Those who survive are great blessings.

1. Jiaozuo Show Hope Special Care Center
Daniel was readmitted to our care.
2. Maria’s Big House of Hope in Luoyang, Show Hope Special Care Center
Amos, Joseph, and Suzy were admitted.  James-Axel was admitted for hospice care and passed away peacefully.  Danielle and Ysmael returned from the hospital.  Archie was transferred back to Beijing Hope Healing Home.  Daisy had been with us since soon after MBHOH was opened.  She peacefully passed away this month.
3. Xinyang Show Hope Special Care Center
Annastasia was admitted and sent to MBHOH for further care.  John was admitted again.  Caddie sadly passed away.
4. Zhengzhou Show Hope Special Care Center
Marceline was admitted.  Tahiya returned from heart surgery.  Siam returned from surgery.  Abilene, Chad, Chilton, Jianna, Micah, Quinlan, and Sean needed to return to their orphanage.  Fairlight, Kelsey, and Merideth passed away. 
Thanks and Needs

We would like to thank the group from BICF, organized by Ka Yan Lee, who came and put up Christmas decorations for the children. They did a wonderful job making our home look so nice for this Christmas season and the kids love stopping to look at the Christmas trees and décor.

We’d also like to thank one of our volunteers, Stephanie Hwang, for the many hours she put into making a new video for us. We plan to post the video on our website, but if you’d like to see it now, you can access it at:  New Hope Foundation, Beijing, China
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Travelers Needed
We are in need of travelers from the US, UK and Australia to Beijing to help bring in much needed supplies for our children. None of these supplies are “restricted items” and do not have to be declared at customs. The items will be mailed to you within country. New Hope Foundation staff will be at the airport to pick up the supplies in Beijing. If you able to help or know of other travelers who are willing to help please contact the following:

a) From the US: Rebecca Dorris, Tennessee, Phone: 615-371-5221

b) From the UK:  Jennifer Drake, Surrey

c) From Melbourne, Australia: Topsy D’Cruz  
Address: 18 Sassafras Dr, Lower Templestowe Victoria  3107, Australia
Phone: 03 98504339     Mobile: 0400 585 379

d) From Sydney, Australia: Susan Mukundan 
Phone:  02 94888101    Mobile:   0414 911 309