To Comfort always, to Relieve often, to Save sometimes
Dear Friends and Supporters,
It is with very happy hearts that we begin this month’s newsletter with a hearty congratulations to one of our nurses, LilyBelle, who was married this month. LilyBelle has been working with us since October 2009. We are very happy for LilyBelle and her husband RJ and wish them all the best in their new journey together as husband and wife.

Newlyweds RJ and LilyBelle

We were glad to welcome Dr. Shi (“Stone”) for a visit to our Nanyang SCU this month.  He is one of the heart surgeons in Hangzhou who has helped us with so many babies. Dr. Shi has operated on some of the babies in NY-SCU so it was a very special visit for him. 
Dr. Shi visiting the Nanyang SCU
This month we welcomed new volunteer Annie to New Hope. Annie is from Hong Kong and will be helping with our preschool. We also were very grateful for help from nurse Angeli, who traveled to Hong Kong to help care for Ryker while he received treatment from the MedArt team.

New volunteer Annie in preschool
Robin and I had the opportunity to visit some of the MedArt team this month and also saw Ryker and Alfonso while we were there. We are so grateful for MedArt’s long-standing and continued support of New Hope and our babies.
The Hills with Dr. CP Yu, Dr. & Mrs. Ngan, Alfonso and Ryker
As those of you who follow our newsletters know, we are always so excited to announce when kids have been adopted. It is always such a gift to us to receive notes and letters from families once their adoptions are finalized and kids are home. This month, we received an update from someone many of you will likely recognize from previous newsletters. James (also known as “Rui Rui”) has been home for several months now and is doing great!

"Rui Rui" with his family
In closing, we wanted to share a brief note from the White family, who adopted “Amelie” (now Leeya) last month. We were so touched and challenged by this family’s love towards their child and faith in God’s plan for her, even in the face of what many would see as overwhelming obstacles:
“We are with Leeya in recovery. She is sleeping soundly and is handling everything well so far.
What we have learned: 

- Heart needs repaired ASAP

- She has severe hearing loss on one side and profound on the other: most likely that hearing aides won't help and will need cochlear implants

- Her glucose is dangerously low and not recovering as quickly as it should. More testing is being done, but this could be a metabolic problem 

- She could have a gestational problem, as her stomach swells significantly 

- Tumor in both eyes 

- Most likely has DiGeorge's syndrome
In other words, she is Perfect.
…She has a long, long road ahead. We do know for sure, that she has a road - which is a blessing.
The doctor said - I think it will take a long time for her to show us all of the hidden secrets in her little body. But what a story it will be.”

Leeya (top center) with her family
Quote: “God will not permit any troubles to come upon us unless He has a specific plan by which great blessings can come out of the difficulty.”
- Peter Marshall
Director/ Founder
News of Hospitalizations and Surgeries

Aethan was hospitalized to prepare for possible heart surgery.  Bryson was admitted to us in Jiaozuo then needed urgent hospitalization.  Cailyn and Tara received cleft palate surgery in Shanghai sponsored by the Ai You Foundation.  Ezra, Garrick, Lark, Maren, Monty, and Nieson needed inpatient treatment.  Joe was hospitalized overnight for an extensive eye check.  Ryker travelled to Hong Kong for a detailed assessment of his physical needs.  We are thankful to MedArt and for everyone’s efforts to help him get the best care possible.  In the end, one of the things he received was a new wheelchair!  Zahara returned to us from surgery but needed to be hospitalized again.

News of Confirmed Adoptions and Our Hopes for Adoption

We were pleased to see Ashley, Dallas, Desmond, Hubert, Jazzy, Liza, and Ursula leave our care for adoption!  We also were happy to find out that three children previously with us, Cooper, Harper, and Quesha-Sofie Joy, were also adopted.

News from Hope Healing Home in Beijing

Gaines returned to us after a successful liver transplant.  Nora needed to go back to her orphanage.  Isabel-Maya needed to return to her orphanage to prepare for her upcoming adoption.
News from the five Special Care Centers in Henan Province

These centers provide humane and loving medical and hospice care for infants and young children with a range of congenital conditions who many times are unlikely to survive under normal circumstances.  Those who survive are great blessings.
1. Jiaozuo Show Hope Special Care Center

Jarius returned from surgery.
2. Maria’s Big House of Hope in Luoyang, a Show Hope Special Care Center (currently in temporary residence)

Sheldon and Sky were admitted.  Sadly, four children passed away this month.  We lost Hubert, Lanie, Rankin, and Sallie.
3.  Nanyang Show Hope Special Care Center

Ace, Adrian, Brynne, Ezra, Kris, Leila, Lennor, Maren, and Rea were admitted.  We were sad that Conner and Leon passed away.
4. Xinyang Show Hope Special Care Center

No major events occurred for the children in Xinyang.
5. Zhengzhou Show Hope Special Care Center

Tobias was admitted.  Ephraim, Lily-Kate, Sloane, and Ynez returned all doing well after stays in the hospital.  Ember and Waverlee came back to us from extended hospitalizations and multiple surgeries.  Sadly, Harrison and Ysmael needed to go back to their orphanage.
Thanks and Needs

This month we would like to thank our friends in Hong Kong and the Wycombe Abbey School who raised funds for us at their 120-Year Celebration Concert.

We would also like to thank all the loyal supporters that make this work possible.

We have found some really special wheel chairs for some of our younger kids who are physically disabled. We have been able to purchase two of them at a cost of US $1,400 (including freight). The kids are so excited with their newfound freedom of mobility! If you would like to help cover the costs of one or both of these chairs, please email Robin for more information.
Victoria and Justice enjoying this month's birthday party in their new ZZ chairs
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Travelers Needed
We are in need of travelers from the US, UK and Australia to Beijing to help bring in much needed supplies for our children. None of these supplies are “restricted items” and do not have to be declared at customs. The items will be mailed to you within country. New Hope Foundation staff will be at the airport to pick up the supplies in Beijing. If you are able to help or know of other travelers who are willing to help please contact the following:

a) From the US: Rebecca Dorris, Tennessee, Phone: 615-403-1242

b) From the UK:  Jennifer Drake, Surrey

c) From Melbourne, Australia: Topsy D’Cruz  
Address: 18 Sassafras Dr, Lower Templestowe Victoria  3107, Australia
Phone: 03 98504339     Mobile: 0400 585 379

d) From Sydney, Australia: Susan Mukundan 
Phone:  02 94888101    Mobile:   0414 911 309