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Subject: New Calf in L pod-L123!

A brief Press Announcement from the Center for Whale Research
Subject: New calf in L pod. L123, confirmed on Friday December 4th, 2015.

WELCOME L123 â€“ Calf number 7 in the last 12 months! 

The seventh calf born into the endangered Southern Resident killer whale population in the last 12 months was confirmed yesterday. Photographs taken by CWR associate Mark Malleson confirmed the existence of a new calf born to L pod.  The new calf will be designated L123. This is the first documented calf of 12-year old L103 of the L4 matriline. L123 was first photo documented on November 10th, 2015 by Alisa Lemire-Brooks and Sarah Hisong-Shimazu from Alki Point, West Seattle. CWR research assistants, Melisa Pinnow and Jane Cogan, later captured some distant shots on November 22nd near the Jordan River in B.C.  Due to poor visibility and unfavorable sea conditions, it took several weeks to confirm that there is indeed a new calf in L pod. We frequently use eye patches to positively identify new calves which can easily be obscured by poor conditions and surface waves. 

While a new calf born to this struggling population is certainly cause to celebrate, it is important to remember that another SRKW also means another mouth to feed. With each new calf that is born, we continue to emphasize the need to focus on wild Chinook salmon restoration efforts. Especially the removal of obsolete dams that block wild salmon from their natal spawning habitat, such as those on the lower Snake RiverWe will continue to monitor the new calf in the next several weeks and provide updates whenever possible.



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L103 with the new calf L123
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Photo #1  - L123 spyhops with L103-Photo by Mark Malleson
Photo #2  - L123-Photo by Mark Malleson
Photo #3  - L123 spyhop-Photo by Mark Malleson