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Wabtec has announced closure of its Kilmarnock works (March 2020), formerly Hunslet-Barclay. Originally this was the Caledonia Works orginally owned by Andrew Barclay Sons & Co. Founded in 1840, Barclays were at another site in nearby North Hamilton Street, moving to West Langlands Street in the 1840s.

Barclays were known for their industrial locomotives (saddle tanks), fireless locomotives and diesel shunting locomotives (industry and British Rail). Andrew Barclay locomotives were exported to Fiji, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand among others. Examples of their products are sprinkled liberally among preservation railways throughout the UK. 

The surviving buildings on the site are all that are left of the works built from the 1850s on. The oldest range is that on West Langlands Street. The engineering works is statutory B listed (1988) and is the only engineering works with cast iron crane rails surviving in Scotland.

For images of the former Caledonian Works in Kilmarnock click here or go to and 'Search' using ‘Kilmarnock' and 'Barclay’.


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