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Today, a PhD funding opportunity.

Ph.D. funding to be channelled through University of Manchester Beam research hub for social research on the nuclear industry. This can embrace what we might more broadly consider as 'the humanities'. Please do circulate more widely if you are able to.

The funding is sufficient for a 4 year UK - and 3+ for o/seas. The Ph.D. can be held at any UK University.  Applications have to be in by 16th December. We've done a lot of work to ensure that there is the possibility for genuinely interesting work - for ethnography and for critical engagement with the sector - please encourage any excellent masters or third year students that might connect to any of the themes mentioned  below - which can easily be linked to interests in climate change, materiality, environmental justice, etc. The call is open to all social science disciplines - broadly conceived.   Please spread the word!

  • comparative methods to evaluate social well-being
  • citizen science and deliberative democracy
  • comparative social research on large-scale infrastructure projects
  • value modelling and its application
  • intergenerational ethics
  • institutional learning

Professor Penny Harvey
Beam social research on nuclear - Dalton Nuclear Institute Manchester
Professor of Social Anthropology
School of Social Sciences
University of Manchester

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