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LINK TO: Collecting In a Crisis:
A Guide to Rescuing Business Records
Webinar held on 
1 October 2020

If you missed this webinar, click here to access the recorded version.

The Scottish Council on Archives says:

"The Scottish economy is officially in recession. Previous crises – whether it be the long decline of the manufacturing industry or the sudden financial crash of 2007/08 – have resulted in the disappearance of many household names and the devastation of whole sectors of the economy. During these periods, large volumes of business records were rescued by public repositories but many more were lost or destroyed. Those records that were saved provide an invaluable insight into the social and economic activity of a country and its people. From salary books to director’s minutes, advertisements to ledgers, these records are indispensable to the work of business and social historians, genealogists and local historians."


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