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A puzzled Welsh STICK correspondent (with a penchant for all things East Coast transport history) writes:

“In my idle moments, I have been looking the National Library of Scotland early maps of Edinburgh, but they don't solve two queries.

The Queensferry Road bridges over the Water of Leith at the west end of Edinburgh, pre-Dean Bridge: there are two earlier bridges, but I am stymied by a lack of dating information.

Do you happen to know if Dean Path bridge (site of medieval ford) was the original road out to Queensferry before the Bell's Mills (later Belford Road) bridge was constructed further upstream?

And at the other end of Edinburgh, the 'London Road' came in from the east and joined Leith Walk by Elm Row. Presumably the later Regent Road, which plugged straight onto the end of Princes Street, took the Great North Road traffic, leaving the London Road as a minor route. But why did the London Road end at Leith Walk - seems a rather low-key end to a great route. Any ideas?”

Do any of our STICK transport experts have any information I can pass on to our puzzled correspondent?

Please contact if anything comes to mind. Thank You.

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