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Today, the Scottish Maritime Museum (SMM) is looking for support in repairing, maintaining and interpreting MV Kyles, the oldest Clyde-built vessel still afloat in the UK.

Matthew Bellhouse Moran of the SMM says: 
"Your support will allow us to repaint Kyles inside and out, undertake essential repairs, and re-interpret the vessel and restore the cabins to how they would have looked before the vessel arrived at the maritime museum in the early 80s. We want to improve our offering to schools and visitors, and bring to life the Kyles' long history. With your support we will be able to give visitors and schools a real of how life was inside an old iron hulled coaster, a hard life of storms, sea biscuits and seasickness."

For further information and how you might support SMM with their MV Kyles project, click here.

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