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STICK will attempt to send out entertaining and informative items on various subjects of interest to our network. We will also be using social media such as Twitter to keep in touch. Today, online talks from the USA on the nuclear industry and industrial photography on 16th February 2020.

Join the Society Industrial Archaeology (SIA) for the 10th session of IA Online Tuesday, February 16 at 7pm (GMT) and 2pm Eastern (US & Canada)

Marni Blake Walter Dawn of the atomic age: The Westinghouse Atom Smasher, Forest Hills, PA

Bob Stewart Frances Benjamin Johnston - A Focus on Her Industrial Photography

Join SIA on Zoom:

Talks are roughly 10-15 minutes each, with 5 minutes of Q&A for each presenter. The end of the session is reserved for additional questions and discussion. Also, videos of past IA Online presentations can be viewed on the SIA YouTube Channel.

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