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Today, a date for your diary: online lecture on a sustainability theme - plastics.

 ‘Dealing with plastic waste sustainably’

by Prof. Ian Arbon

Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders of Scotland (IESIS)
Tuesday 12th January 2021
6.30 pm – online

Over the past few years, the issue of ‘plastic waste’ has become a dominating concern in the UK and yet, so far, the problem has been met more with hysteria and ‘knee-jerk’ reaction, rather than with any reasoned, engineered and/or ethical response.

Indeed, like so many other important issues, dealing responsibly and sustainably with plastic waste has been largely ignored during the Covid-19 crisis with the result that some of the small improvements that had been made in the past few years have been actually reversed!

This lecture starts from the standpoint that there is no clear definition of the term ‘plastic’ and that there are no ‘silver bullet’ solutions to the problem; however, our traditional (but unsustainable) solution of sending our plastic waste to the Far East, while claiming to have recycled it in the UK, is no longer an option available to us. So, what can we now do that is both sustainable and responsible?

Please register via Eventbrite – details for the meeting will be sent on registration.

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Scottish Engineering Suite
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