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STICK will attempt to send out entertaining and informative items on various subjects of interest to our network. We will also be using social media such as Twitter to keep in touch. Today, call for papers by Devil’s Porridge, general online resources on heritage, online community engagement resources and the demolition of Longannet Power Station boiler house.

Devil’s Porridge Eastriggs, near Annan is hosting a conference on women’s work in wartime. Call for papers is here:

Heritage & Our Sustainable Future: Research, Practice, Policy & Impact – UNESCO/Praxis – 22nd February-5th March (The conference will bring together a diverse range of cultural heritage and sustainable development contributors, including policymakers, practitioners and researchers, but also NGOs, museums, private sector representatives and other stakeholders from across the globe. United by the shared goal of collaboration for sustainable progress, the conference will explore how best to utilise cultural heritage research on the ground to drive forward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, especially in ODA-eligible countries. Find further information and booking details HERE.)

Online Community Engagement Resources Bang The Table – A series of four recorded webinars centering on online engagement and engaging your community. To access these webinars, please go HERE.

Longannet electricity generating coal fired power station situated near Kincardine of Forth, Fife began generating electricity in 1970 and could produce upto 2.4MW. It was owned by SSEB until 1990, then by Scottish Power. It was the largest electricity producer in Scotland until it closed in 2016. Its boiler house, turbine hall and control room were demolished on 4th February 2021. Its chimney (tallest concrete structure in Scotland when built at 600 feet/183m) will be coming down soon. This generating station had no cooling towers. See images of Longannet after decommissioning in March 2016 here. Images of the demolition here.

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